Flinn Science Resume From Jon Boyd

In my Resume I was asked to find Which chemical was which, determining by specific Guidelines. Some of those were, Must not be Toxic to humans, Does not dissolve in water, Linear, Must be flammable, Must have 3 sigma and 2 Pi Bonds, Need a 2d model, and Must be covalent.

In my research for this project, I found that out of my 10 Chemicals, I would have to filter out starting somewhere. I started looking at chemicals that would not be flammable, so that eliminated, CCL4 ( Used in fire "extinguishers"), CfCl3 (Not flammable). So that eliminated two of eight chemicals.

Next I started looking for things that would not dissolve in water. I found that Fe2O3 (does not dissolve in water) and AlBr3 (does not dissolve in water), Which eliminated two more chemicals from the list.

Next I looked a chemicals that are harmful to humans and found that C2Cl2 (harms lungs) and Ch2O (shuts down and kills nervous system) Would not work leaving us with four chemicals.

Next I started looking at chemicals with the proper Bonds and found out that N2H2 would not work, because it does not have 3 sigma and 2 pi bonds. Which then left me with 3 Chemicals.

With three Chemical possibilities left, I found that H2O2 was pretty much only flammable. And with that being it, I had to rule it out.

With two chemicals left (K2O, and C2H2) I found that K2O is highly hazardous at 1 atm and explodes on contact with air, So probably not the the chemical we are looking for, which leaves us with C2H2.

C2H2 Meets all of our criteria being that is is often a gas used in welder, so highly flammable. The Bond is covalent, Linear, has 3 sigma and 2 pi bonds. The Chemical Does not dissolve in water (because it is polar), and is not toxic to humans, which makes it the chemical we are looking for!

Graded on creativity!


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