BOLIVIA By: ALana duvall & megan cook

~anti-coca leaf ERADICATION~

  • Coca is valued for them for its power to diminish fatigue, thirst and hunger, and is widely chewed for that purpose
  • Called the "Sacred leaf"
  • Historica values date from the colonial times
  • It is also an important offering to Pachamama, their Earth Mother.
  • Socially its a big part of there culture they give it as gifts, chew it at gatherings and plant the plant at ceremonies.
  • It is used as currency in some communities
  • Unfortunately, the "sacred leaf" began to be used for other purposes at the beginning of the 20th century. (raw material for cocaine production)

~Society & Culture~

  • Known for capital city of La Paz, salt flats, Lake Titicaca, Yungas Road.
  • Strict class systems (ethnicity)
  • Most of the poor people are indigenous
  • wealthy and middle class dress similar to Americans but poor/indigenous dress in traditional clothing


  • The clearing of land for agricultural purposes and the international demand for tropical timber are contributing to deforestation and soil erosion
  • Polluting the water for drinking and irrigation
  • Loss of biodiversity and species because of deforestation
  • Numbers of plants and animals are heading towards extinction
~Bolivia has two capitals! Sucre & La Paz


  • Bolivia gets approximately 120 million $ in aid annually from the U.S.
  • US Aid = sponsored "Political Party Reform Project"
  • Presidential minister accused the US of using some of the money they gave to Bolivia.


  • Spanish is main language
  • 39 other languages (Aymara, Chiquitano, Chiriguano and Guyara)
  • 50% indigenous people
Lake Titicaca
Uyuni salt flat
North Yungas Road


Gustafson, Bret. "Bolivia." World Book Student, World Book, 2017, Accessed 27 Mar. 2017.


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