Annual Report 2019

Empowering and enabling people with MS and other long-term health conditions to actively manage their daily lives.

In 2019, the MS Therapy Centre Lothian delivered 9294 therapies.

These achievements were led by a small staff team (2 full and 3 part-time workers with 3 part-time physiotherapists) and supported by a team of 30 volunteers.

We welcomed 256 new clients, 74 of whom live with MS.

58% of new clients found us through internet searches and self-referred. 32% were directed to the Centre by health professionals and 10% on the recommendation of friends and family.

Oxygen Therapy

We ran 1062 oxygen sessions with 4584 attendees.

Oxygen Treatment clients by condition - Click to enlarge
The centre is fantastic all the staff and volunteers are great. I love Dave he always books my seat in the chamber by the door as I sometimes get claustrophobic. The reception ladies are always welcoming and nice to chat with. Even if you are at the stage where you are not sure what to do, give them a call, they are so helpful. Thank you all so much 🌞 You are my sunshine through the clouds.

Physiotherapy Services

In 2019 we provided 1328 physiotherapy appointments, some of which incorporated acupuncture and myofascial release. Our physiotherapy team also ran full balance, seated and circuit physio classes with 1129 places.

"I want to express how much I have been appreciating the dedication and hard work that my physiotherapist, Izabela, puts in to her sessions with me. She is very knowledgeable, she is very good at explaining all the issues we meet, she is full of advice and she works very hard. She is a delight to work with. At the end of every session with her, I feel tired but very happy to have used my body in the best way I can. I hope I can work with Izabela for many years to come."

F.E.S Assessments

We provided 30 Functional Electrical Stimulation sessions to clients to assess their suitability for using these devices to maintain their mobility by reducing footdrop associated with their MS.

F.E.S Machine
1:1 Physiotherapy session with group physio in the background.
I really appreciate coming to the Centre. It is a very friendly and welcoming environment. Everyone is lovely and nice and cheery, right down to little Sarah, the cleaner. I very much look forward to coming every Wednesday.

Complementary Therapies

A vital part of self-management, our other therapies also help to maintain and improve our clients mental and physical health.

We provided 733 complementary therapy sessions including massage, reiki, reflexology, hypnotherapy and myofascial release.

Complementary Therapy sessions attended - click to enlarge
Myofascial Release therapy has been the best thing that's ever worked for my MS symptoms. I couldn't believe the difference in my neck pain with just a short treatment and my arms haven't moved like this for years..

Yoga & Pilates

Our tutors ran 5 adapted pilates classes per week and 3 adapted yoga classes providing a total of 1520 spaces.

Pilates can improve balance, fatigue, cognitive problems and quality of life. Pilates is also effective for people with MS who use wheelchairs. One study found that it could improve sitting stability and posture, and decrease back and shoulder pain.

Yoga can lessen several physical symptoms of MS and can improve strength, flexibility, posture, balance, focus, circulation, digestion, elimination, and pelvic floor health. Our yoga practitioners generally also find a decrease in tension, fatigue, spasticity, and some of the aches and pains associated with MS.

Information & Support

We provided 1462 Information & Support Leaflets to clients. We made 216 referrals to external support agencies and 164 referrals to Social Care, Health Professionals, General Practitioners and organisations including Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living and Grapevine.

We also hosted 96 students for our Student Nurse Information sessions providing them with a good overview of the Centre and what we provide for people living with MS and other long-term health conditions.

Mindfulness Course

We ran a 12 week mindfulness course for 10 clients. A form of guided meditation, mindfulness gave our clients the tools and coping mechanisms to help them manage their pain and anxiety.

35 years supporting people living with MS

We celebrated our 35th birthday in August with a Garden Party kindly hosted by the team at The Botanic Cottage within Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Gardens. Using our archived meeting Minutes and correspondence we invited many of the people involved with the Charities inception in 1984.

Volunteer Development

Our pool of volunteers increased during 2019 and all new volunteers were trained to operate the baro-chamber and 21 volunteers attended First Aid training.

Volunteer assisting client into the chamber.
Maintaining mobility is vital for people living with MS and other long-term health conditions.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Many people living with long-term health conditions can be socially isolated. The MS Therapy Centre provides a space for clients to build relationships and develop support networks to help them manage their condition.

Financial Summary

Income Summary
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Financial Activities

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Charity during 2019

Fundraisers and Donors

From climbing the height of Everest on an inclined treadmill to cycling from Edinburgh to Glasgow, our individual fundraisers and donors contributed almost £21,000 in 2019 to support our services.

Trusts and Funds

  • RS Macdonald Charitable Trust
  • Constance Paterson Trust
  • South Queensferry Rotary Club
  • Lothian Buses Employees' Charitable Fund
  • Cala Homes
  • Aitken Nairn
  • St Anne's Church
  • Braids Rotary Club
  • Souter Charitable Trust
  • Schuh Trust
  • Alliance: Self- Management Fund

Board of Trustees

  • Daniel Baigrie
  • Paul Bartlett
  • Cathal Cunningham
  • Charlotte Encombe
  • Sarah Horne
  • John Jarman
  • Carole Macartney
  • Kelly McLellan
  • Yvonne Rafferty
  • Sylvia Smith
  • Robin Stevenson
  • Janice Thomson
  • Ruth Waters

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