Guide on using Piktochart

What is Piktochart?

Piktochart is a web-based infographic application which allows users without intensive experience as graphic designers to easily create professional-grade infographics using themed templates.


  1. Go to Piktochart using the following link

2.Click Sign Up as located top right corner of the screen, as shown below.

Click 'Sign Up'

3. There are 3 ways of signing up for Piktochart.

- You can either log in using your current Google account or Facebook account which will take you directly to the web page log in for Google or Facebook.

- Or you can sign up to a new Piktochart account.

Choose your log in

Getting started on pIKTOCHART

Click 'Create New'

What is infographic format?

Infographics are perfect for viewing on the web. They are visual representations of information. They can tell a story in a colorful, beautiful way. Using Piktocharts infographics, you can take your story or information and convert it into a compact snapshot. Using this format, you can quickly and easily convey information that is super pleasing to the eye.

What is presentation Format?

Presentations are the process of presenting a topic to an audience, typically with the aid of projected images and slides. Piktochart's Presentation format is a series of blocks which fit the 4:3 aspect ratio of typical presentations. The size of each block is fixed at 800px(w) x 600px(h). Note that the height of these blocks in this format cannot be changed.

What is printable format?

Printable format enables you to create posters and reports to relay information. The Report format is designed to print out perfectly in two A-series (e.g. A4, A5, A0, etc) sheets of paper, while Poster is designed to perfectly fit on a single sheet of paper, whether portrait or landscape.

Using the presentation format.

Task:- Create a Presentation on your dream holiday destination

How to add a text to your presentation

Click on the 'Text' tab on the left hand side which enables you to select the type of text required. Once you have chosen the type you need to double click to edit.
Clicking on 'Text Frame' this enables you to create text in an image using the templates give. To edit the text you double click on the text.
You can also change the colour of the text by clicking on the text and choosing the icon as shown above.
By click on the 'T' icon you can change the font.
By clicking on the 'Tt' you can change the size of the text.
You can lock text and images by clicking on the padlock to make sure the text or images does not move.

How to add a background to your presentation

By clicking on the 'Background' tab you are able to choose to change the background using a template created by Piktochart, or to use a solid colour.

How to add graphics

Click on the 'Graphics' tab on the left hand side, you can add basic shapes, icons, photos and photo frames.
You can also upload your own photos by clicking on the 'Uploads' tab and browse images from your own files.

How to add a new 'Block'

Click on the '+' sign to add a new block.

You can also move blocks around and delete them if necessary.

How to upload a map

Click on the 'Tools' tab.
Select your map from the list.
You can also change the colour, show selected states.

How to upload a video

You need to find a video suitable using YouTube or Vimeo then copy and paste the link into the box.
Once you have added the link, click 'Insert' and the video will upload into the block chosen.
However, the video will only work when you share your presentation, it will not play

How to add a chart

By clicking 'Charts' on the 'Tool' menu which enables you to input your own data and create a chart using Piktochart


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