One for Two

The processing of flat wire and strip that has an increased ratio in between width and thickness can be done with the strip straighteners BKV series easily and reliable as each roll is supported with bearings on both sides. This kind of roll support allows a straightener setup with parallel and/or conical roll gaps to manage two straightening processes with just one straightener. Both, the flat and the edge bow straightening process of flat materials can be realized with just one BKV unit.

BKV 7 Straighteners

The straighteners BKV 7 series cover the straightening ranges 0.6-1.5 mm, 1.5-3.5 mm und 3.5 -7.0 mm. Four of the seven straightening rolls of an individual BKV 7 straightener are fix mounted and define a fixed bottom line independent from the individual thickness of a flat material within the straightening range of the unit. The remaining three straightening rolls can be adjusted. Each of the adjustable rolls are equipped with two spindle mechanisms and two mechanical positions displays PO for the defined and reproducible parallel and/or conical roll setup.

BKV 7 size variety
Main and connecting dimensions of the straighteners BKV 7 series

Every strip straightener BKV 7 series is equipped with a quick opening/closing mechanism for supporting a quick material change. As shown below, the upper crossbeams including the upper rolls rotate around a pivot point after the unit is unlocked. After the strip has entered the unit easily and without collisions, it can be closed and locked. At a given closing torque the maximum closing force is reached close to the pivot point. Based on this, it is recommended to place a BKV strip straightener with the pivot point in direction to the entering strip as the largest roll adjustments and the related large straightening forces are needed right at the beginning of a straightening process.

Opened strip straightener BKV 7-60

More and more thinner and wider flat wires and strips having also increased yield points have to be straightened. For processing such materials seven straightening rolls can't be recommended anymore, as the material quality and the small thickness require a higher roll quantity for producing a perfect straightness.

The trend goes towards thinner and wider strips with increased strength values.

The new developed BKV 9-60 strip straighteners manage straightening applications with nine straightening rolls having a diameter of 16 mm only. Certainly the roll spacing is decreased as well, which allows the successfully processing of strip thicknesses in between 0.1 mm and 0.6 mm by alternating elasto-plastic bending operations.

BKV 9-60

As with the straighteners BKV 7 series each of the upper rolls of the BKV 9-60 units can be adjusted on both sides. Flat and edge bow straightening works fine with just using one single BKV 9-60 strip straightener.

BK"V" for Variable Strip Width

Basically the strip thickness or the thickness range determines the BKV strip straightener model required. In case the related basic model roll is not wide enough for the given individual strip width (dimension N), it easily can be extended. This means that both, the dimensions B and N can be customized on our BKV 7 and on our BKV 9 units considering the given maximum strip width. Certainly this is geometrically limited as the straightening rolls have to keep their straightness under load during the straightening process.

Just check your strip straightener needs and come back with an enquiry. We love to support you with finding out appropriate units, customized designs and our offer.

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