How The Unsinkable Ship Sank The story of the titanic


Have you ever been on a boat? Probably not. Today, most Americans travel by plane or car. But in the nineteenth century, only rich people could afford cars, and planes weren't a reality. So, many families traveled by sea instead.

these are the cars that were first made in the 1900s.

A ships first voyage is called a maiden voyage. Most ships keep sailing for many years, but one ship didn't even finish her first trip! That ship was called the RMS Titanic. In this article you will learn all about how the heck this giant went down, but first, I will start at the beginning….

look closely at this picture. notice the size of the boats around the Titanic?

Building The Biggest

Built in Belfast, Ireland, by white star line, the Titanic was the biggest ship afloat. At the time, Titanic was so big she was considered unsinkable! She was part of a trio of ships built to try to beat the white star line rival, Cunard line. This group of ships were called the Olympic class ships, named RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, and HMHS Britannic. I guess they had really bad luck, because Olympic was severely damaged, and the other two ships sank. But before we get to sinking, let's talk about when they were still floating.

A picture of the RMS Olympic on a dry dock. she was the first of the ships to be built.
this is the RMS Titanic, the second of the Olympic class ships to be built.
and this is the HMHS Brittanic, the last ship that was launched.

The Titanic took 3,000 people to build. Weighing 46,000 tons and 882 feet long, people called the ship a floating palace. After 3 years of hard work, she was ready to sail.

crowds wave away the Titanic on her first voyage.

Life On The Titanic

On April 10th, 1912, the Titanic chugged away from the South Hampton Harbor in England. Crowds of people waved to friends and family as they got farther away. A band played lively songs. As 2,200 passengers went farther out to sea, few people thought they were not safe.

All three ships, Titanic especially, were built for comfort and luxury, with Even third class passengers living like kings. There was a swimming pool, a gym, a post office, and restaurants on the top deck.

The cargo hold was also packed with millions of pounds of food, like meat, tea, fruit, and bread. First class passengers feasted on oysters, fresh lamb with mint sauce, salmon, pudding, and eclairs. Meals were eaten in grand dining rooms, and women and men in dressed in fancy clothes walked up the beautiful, constantly polished grand staircase in the center of the ship. Everyone was enjoying themselves so much, but nothing could prepare the people for what would happen next.

this is the color version of what the grand staircase looked like.

The Unsinkable Ship Sinks

April 14th, 1912 11:40 pm

CRASH! A scraping noise echos through the halls of the Titanic, coming from the front of the ship. Hardly anyone notices, most sleeping soundly in bed or chatting in the lounge. But Captain Edward James Smith rushed down to see if something was wrong.

Captain of the Titanic, Edward James Smith

Meanwhile, water was pouring in a 245 feet wide gash in the bow [the front section of a ship] at 7 tons per second. The deck around it was frosted with ice. They had been hit by an iceberg! Even so, the crew relaxed. Nothing could sink the Titanic. They were safe. But, They were also wrong.

Why wasn't anyone panicking? Well, the bottom of the ship was divided into 16 watertight compartments. With a pull of a lever, these could be sealed by a strong steel door. One problem-the tops of the “watertight” compartments were not sealed, so water could spill from one full compartment to another! But builders ignored this issue.

One of the large steel doors

Captain smith knew what had happened, and he sent out a call for help, and ordered all passengers up on deck. But the people showed up in fancy dresses and suits! No one was taking this seriously.

Down on the bottom deck, terrified third class passengers were doing just the opposite. They could feel the floor slanting under their feet as the front of the Titanic slowly went underwater. Some tried to find their way out, but most just stayed in their cabins and waited. Everyone was trying to hold on to the railing and sliding backwards. Chaos broke out when the crewmen shouted- “everyone onto the lifeboats, women and children first!” Even worse, some boats were only filled halfway, but sailors lowered them anyway.

This is a lifeboat full of passengers from the Titanic.

Nearby, there was a ship called the Californian, near the iceberg where the Titanic was hit. They tried to contact them, but the ship's radio was turned off. The Californian could have gotten to the scene and saved everyone in a matter of minutes!

the SS Californian, which sank in 1915.

As the back of the Titanic rose out of the water, the leftover men on board realized that there weren't nearly enough lifeboats for everyone. There were about 2,200 people on deck, and only boats for 1,178 were aboard the ship.

The bow was completely underwater, and the stern (the back of a ship) swung straight up. A band on board, still playing, switched to a hymn. Then all the sparkling lights of the ship went out at once. Then the Titanic broke into two pieces with a CRASH, and fell into the sea.

The Titanic just before she breaks in half.

Carpathia To The Rescue!

April 15th, 2:20 pm

The Titanic was gone, and the remaining passengers rowed in a group together, hoping for a rescue ship to come. Hours passed. But as the sun rose, a green light was visible in the distance. The fog cleared, and the green light turned out to be part of a ship, called the Carpathia. Everyone cheered! They were saved. It took several hours to get all the people from the lifeboats to the ship, but so few people had survived, so no extra rescue ship was needed. Only 706 passengers found their families and friends as the Carpathia pulled into New York harbor a few days later. But no one forgot the Titanic's single voyage. They would do more than remember. Scientists wanted to explore the ship on the ocean floor.

The RMS Carpathia rescued the Titanic, sinking in 1918 after getting hit by a torpedo in world war I.

Under The Sea

A marine archaeologist named Robert D. Ballard discovered the Titanic in 1985. He prepared for years, and he thought he was ready to find the Titanic. The ocean floor was far deeper than any diver could go, but Ballard had an invention he called Argo. Argo was a underwater camera, attached to a sled-like frame that would glide along the ocean floor. Argo could take pictures of the area around him and send them up the the search boat, called the Knorr. His team sailed away from Newfoundland, and after many days of searching, they found a boiler similar to the ones the ship had. On september first, 1985, Argo took his first picture of Titanic.

Robert D. Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic.
Divers lower Argo into the water.

A year later, Ballard went on another search mission on the Atlantis II, with a submarine called Alvin. He reached the Titanic and released a small robot called Jason Jr, and he was able to get some very good pictures of Titanic on the ocean floor. Before his team left, they placed two plaques on the deck of the ship. One remembered all the passengers that drowned that night, and the other told anyone else who found the Titanic to leave her in peace.

Ballard steers Alvin, a three-man sub, while his team takes picures of the wreck.
Ballard releases Jason Jr. to explore smaller parts of the ship.

After Ballard and his team finished their mission, another group of archaeologists went to the wreck and raised all sorts of artifacts and treasure, and they were put in museum. That made Ballard sad, but people should be glad they didn't live back when the Titanic sank. Since then, several new safety laws were made for passenger ships, such as the amount of lifeboats must be enough for everyone. Americans will never forget the disaster of the Titanic's first voyage, and the people who died on the “unsinkable” ship. The world will never forget.

Want to learn more? here are some cool videos and websites-*reccomended by editor

Thanks for reading!!! :D

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