Lino Cut Growth Project Claudia Baxter

Sea turtle Endangered species facts

Hello, my name is Claudia Baxter. This is my growth art project doing Lino Cut. Our project had us research on endangered species, trees, or plants. I chose a Sea Turtle due to the personal experience of seeing these poor animals in harms way due to pollution, litter, and people trying to hurt them. Every sea turtle including Hawks bill sea turtles, loggerhead sea turtles, and the rest are all endangered or dramatically decreasing in population.

What is Lino cut?

I had a pretty hard time doing this art project. It wasn't a very simple project but it was fun. In the beginning just practicing it seemed like I would never accomplish anything worth turning in or even artistic. I mainly used a size 3 sometimes a 2 and to do the detailing on the turtle I used a size 1. I found it easier and more useful to use a size 3 for most of my project. I did mess up on the very end digging to deep. While trying to print it onto the paper I found the most difficult part was trying to keep it straight and to not have to much or to little of ink.

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