Cut Back on the Assignments We Would Like Our Sanity Back

The Many Faces of Homework

Getting loads of assignments is always a downer. Especially if one is already behind on some of his or her assignments due to the amount of work they have already had to do. Getting behind in work causes unneeded stress for first semester freshmen. If the provost of Liberty University would allow professors to cut down homework for first semester freshmen, the stress of freshmen would be dramatically reduced.

First semester freshmen are already worried enough about moving away from home and into a new environment. Also, freshmen are still trying to get acclimated to what college life really is. Trying to get used to college life while also trying to turn in loads of assignments can make things very difficult in the acclimation process.

Liberty offers so many fun and entertaining events for students. Sometimes, students are not able to attend these events due to the vast amount of assignments they need to complete before the due dates. Not only do freshmen miss out on fun times, they also miss out on chances to make new friends. If a freshman is in his or her room all the time, other students may begin to get the wrong idea about the freshman. Other students may consider the freshman to be "unsocial" or "awkward" which is not the case at all.
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