Been There By Dubble Bubble®

The company name is short and simple. It utilizes the name of the heavy, simplistic, and universal medium, ink, as well as the idea of an incorporation. Ink inc, was reduced to the simplistic name of "inck."
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Target Audience: Millennials

Millennials are aged from 17-34 and have grown up alongside technology. One in four millennials has children. Our target is to get the millennials with children to buy Dubble Bubble® for their children, and the ones without- to become nostalgic about this classic treat and lead them to buy Dubble Bubble® based off the price point and nostalgia factor.

Key Message: Nostalgia

Dubble Bubble® is the original bubble gum product, invented in 1928. Our goal is to modernize the product, as well as to play on the nostalgia factor that many millennials love by reminding them that "Dubble Bubble's Been there" for their memories, and will continue to be there for future experiences. Since children don't typically have buying power, our goal is to convince young adults to buy Dubble Bubble® for their children. Our other goal is to use the same key message to remind millennials without children that Dubble Bubble® was a beloved part of their childhood, and is a great treat for any occasion.

Creative strategy

Inck. will utilize bright and trendy colors as well as brand colors to draw consumers in. Since our consumer base is millennials who are both parents and non-parents, we will vary the campaign images and text in order to appeal across the board.

Brand Promise:

Dubble Bubble's been there for your most memorable moments.

Since 1928, Dubble Bubble® has been synonymous with bubble gum. The humorous campaign that recalls memories of “first times” is an entertaining way to connect with millennials who are establishing their adult lives with careers and children, and ready to remember their not-so-distant younger days.

Tone of voice

  • Dubble Bubble® existed before the rest, emphasizes trust, encourages loyalty
  • Nostalgic-induced-humor by recalling situations everyone can relate to i.e. first date, high school dances, first pet
  • Highlight the fun of bubble gum

Creative Concept

The takeaway from this campaign is Dubble Bubble® has existed for a long time and has been there for all those unforgettable personal moments. Remember your first bubble? Dubble Bubble® does.

Creative Pieces

Television Advertisement
Print Advertisements

Radio Advertisement

Billboard Ad
Guerilla Marketing
Fill balloons with confetti and Dubble Bubble® and encourage consumers to pop the balloons to receive a sweet treat!
Viral Video
Dubble Bubble's been there, and will continue to be a fun and memorable part of the American experience. The diverse campaign follows the same key message and helps to target a wide range of consumers who are both familiar and unfamiliar with the brand.
Created By
Sidney Yi

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