My full name is just Winny but i do have a last name it's just not OFFICIAL yet. Bought my own DSLR last year, best decision ever! Currently on my 2nd year in Taylors and can't wait to graduate soon so i can FIND A JOB already!!
From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame - DANTE

Life is not about what happened in the past or what awaits you in the future, it is just simply enjoying this exact moment. Youth can last forever but it needs you to cherish ever moment.

Process of taking this pic wasn't easy but the end result is overwhelming.

Low light photography

I want some SPARKS!! High shutter speed was the key here, so i could catch the spark right on its time and 1/500 was all i wanted. Now of course i need plenty of light, so my 50mm lens comes in handy with its lowest f/stop on 1.8 and this also gave me blurry background or what known as BOKEH. The result was still far from how i wanted it to be, way to dark. So i pumped up my ISO to from 100 to 400, which made everything perfect!! To avoid blurry result i decided to use my tripod.

**NOTE: Drive/Self-timer mode was set to "Continuous Shooting".

ISO - 400 Shutter Speed - 1/500 Apeture - 1.8

Canon EOS 100D w/ budget Yongnuo 50mm F/1.8

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Winny winny

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