The colony of New Jersey by marvin perez hernadez

henry hudson cmae to america so he could find the river that connects to the atlantic and pacific ocean

Atlanic ocean

Pacific ocean

Boston had a tea and now New jersey had its own tea party too

boston tea party

New jersey had a famous soldier and molly pitchers

molly pitchers

New Jersey had 60 towns and 94,000 colonists

New Jersy in 1760

Peter stuyvesant's nickname was peg leg pete because he da lost a leg and replaced it with a peg

peg leg pete

England already had colonies in amercian, but king charles II wanted another.

king charles II

James gave part of new york to two friends, Sir George Carteret and lord berkeley.

george carteret and lord john berkely

Lord berkeley sold his part of new york to two quakers.

these are the quaker

England won the indian war in 1787.

french and indian


Created with images by Bosc d'Anjou - "Henry Hudson" • strecosa - "sky mood sea" • KeYang - "sunset the pacific ocean evening" • ell brown - "Custom House, Purfleet Quay, King's Lynn - Statue of Charles II"

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