UNST 421: Creating Global Citizens psu senior capstone

UNST 421: Creating Global Citizens

This is a 6 credit Senior Capstone offered at Portland State University through the department of University Studies. Below is a general overview of the course.

Zamora from the river Duero

About the course:

Global competence and cultural awareness are of utmost importances as our societies are becoming increasingly more connected through media and technology. Culture is best learned first hand and by means of immersion. However there is a growing disparity that only allow the privileged students to participate in meaningful and engaging cultural learning by traveling abroad.

Zamora, Cathedral

About the project and our community partner:

This PSU Senior Capstone provides a complete online cultural exchange between Spanish teachers and students (ages 9-14) that live in a small rural town in north central Spain and PSU Capstone students. Our community partner is the Colegio Rural Agrupado (CRA) de Tábara. This school, in the town of Tábara, is formed by grouping together school children from several small towns in the region of Tábara which is located in the province of Zamora. The Spanish students are learning English and are at a beginner level (low-intermediate). PSU students will assist this class by providing contextual and culturally relevant topics in English. This course is 100% online.

PSU Capstone students with class in Zamora (Summer 2017)

Here is a great video made by the teachers from Tábara promoting the Literacy project starring the students! Please watch it so you can see the students that you will be working with.

Here is a video about Tábara from the TV show "Un lugar donde vivir" (A place to live) by the regional televisión station Radio Televisión de Castilla y León (rtvcyl), it is in Spanish. If you don't speak Spanish, watch it anyway :-)

This year we are participating in a Literary Project. Each term the teachers in Tábara choose a book (from a series) and PSU students create audio readings and accompanying activities that are engaging, fun and culturally revealing. PSU students are not expected to have any previous knowledge or practice in lesson planning. In this course, students will be provided with resources and guidance in creating meaningful and culturally rich activities. Last year PSU students created audio readings and activities for three books from the Captain Underpanyear the teachers chose the Lemony Snickets books from A Series of Unfortunate Events.ts Series. Take a look one of them here: https://padlet.com/mulas/5dvagwqw0qq8 This year the teachers chose the Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events book series.

Fiestas en Zamora

PSU students not only learn about Spanish culture but explore American culture as well. Students also engage in cultural discussion forums with teachers, parents and students in Tábara and Zamora. This purpose of this program is to expose and educate all students, teachers and parents (those from PSU and those in Zamora) about their own culture and another culture that is likely foreign to them. They will develop a deeper understanding of themselves as both citizens of their nation and the world. Direct interaction with people from different countries will reinforce the civic values learned in the classroom and bring them to life. Moreover, learning about culture and beliefs promotes cross-cultural understanding essential to democracy and world peace. This program gives students the foundations for a civic dialogue with those outside their community and helps to equip them to live in a world of diverse cultures and beliefs.

About Laura Mulas (UNST instructor):

Laura Mulas (summer 2018)

This course is taught by Laura Mulas. I have been teaching at PSU since 2008. I primarily have taught Spanish courses but in 2014 I began teaching for University Studies. I began with an international Senior Capstone in Zamora, Spain. In 2015 I created this online Senior Capstone (Creating Global Citizens). During the summer I teach a study abroad program: Castilla y León: Language and Culture through Ie3Global/OSU where students come to Zamora for 6 weeks to learn about culture, history and language. Prior to teaching I was an Emergency Room Nurse for VCU Health Systems and then later OHSU. Besides teaching this course for PSU, I also teach Spanish for OSU E-campus.

I am happy to answer any questions or provide more information: mulas@pdx.edu

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