Student Abroad The life of a student living in Madrid

Before moving to Madrid, I had lived in London and Munich. Travelling somewhere else to study just seemed natural. Being half Russian and half English, I always found myself in an international environment, IE University was a perfect fit.

Ok so, let's start at the beginning. When I first told my friends in Munich that I wanted to study in Madrid, they didn't get it. Whilst I went to an International School, many people had only lived in Munich their whole lives. Some people moved to London to study, and some stayed in Munich, Madrid seemed strange. Then, there was telling my parents. First I had to convince them that paying this much money for a University, and then paying for the cost of moving to another country was worth it. I got past that.


Whilst there are no rules to choosing where you live, it matters. Honestly, weather had a huge part to do with why I chose Madrid. When there's sun, everything seems to flow better for me. I don't stress as much and life just seems easier. The rain in London used to depress me and Munich is also not known for its great weather.

I truly believe in the law of attraction and the concept of us attracting what we are and what we think. I feel that by being in a place where our frequency vibes well with everything around us we are so much better at attracting good things into our lives. Don't get me wrong, I love Munich, but I truly believe in the laws of attraction.


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