Little Big History Football by Logan Manders

The topic I am doing is football. Football is a form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron. Football is important to the society because many players who play give back to communities and institutions. The NFL teamed up with United Way in 1973. The NFL has been working with United Way for four centuries. They have many other programs to such as the NFL foundation, 60 minutes, and many players have their own foundations. It is just not in the U.S., it happens it other parts of the world too. Nnamdi Asomugha started a foundation to help orphans in Nigeria. This is just one example. So football impacts the world because the players give back to the fans and people who need a little help living.

These are some NFL players giving back to the community

Background on football/history: Forms of Football were played throughout Europe. Episkyros and Harpastum are the oldest examples of football-like games. Football was played all over and has been played for awhile. The first ever game played was on November 6th, 1869. The way football was played was like rugby. It still is kind of like rugby, but the rules have changed a lot. For example: The first down was to advance the ball 5 yards in three attempts, but it was changed to 10 yards in four attempts. This is just one of the rules that have gotten changed, there are many more. The game has changed to make the players more protected as well. Also college football and pro football have used it in different ways as well. College football does a poll and rankings and at the end of the season has a 4 team playoff. The Nfl has a 12 team playoff and has a Superbowl. Football has made progress since it first started and this is just some background info on it.

(Left) picture of first official football game ever played

There are four thresholds that made football possible. They are The Big Bang, New Chemical Elements, Life on Earth, and Collective learning.

The Big Bang- The Big Bang played a part in creating football because the Big Bang created it all. Without The Big Bang there would be no earth, no life, and no football. Humans play football and without humans there would be no Football. The conditions had to be just right otherwise everything would of collapsed on itself. If the conditions weren't right we would not be here. So football wouldn't be possible without the threshold of The Big Bang.

New Chemical Elements- The Goldilocks conditions (conditions that made this thing possible) for New Chemical Elements is very high temperatures and aging and dying stars. New Chemical elements is important to football because without them there would be no chemistry. Chemistry has played a huge part in football. The actual football and equipment was made by using chemistry. So without chemical elements there would be no football or equipment.

Life on Earth:Life on Earth is important to football because you need humans to play football. The Goldilocks conditions for this threshold are chemical elements are critical to life, energy, but not too much, and presence of water. Without these life would not be on earth Humans are needed to play football or without this there would be no football. Also in the threshold Life on Earth humans are evolving. Human evolution is important because without it there would be no throwing of the football. Evolution made the mechanics happen. Humans first started out as apes and they evolved over time. The arm mechanics evolved to and the arm mechanics makes it possible to throw the football So without Life on Earth, humans would not be here and the mechanics of throwing would not be possible.

Collective Learning: Collective learning is the ability to preserve, share, and build upon ideas. Collective learning has been going ever since humans have been on earth. Collective learning has allowed humans to be they dominant species they are. Football has used collective learning quite a bit. First with the rules. The rules have changed a lot and the only way they could change is if people say what they thought. Today they have meetings and take a vote to see if the rule should be enforced. Another way is the play calling. There are many ways to call plays, such as: using a headset, use hand signals, the QB calling it, or someone running on to the field and saying what the play is. The play has to be communicated somehow and collective learning allows this to happen. Not only does the play need to be called, but the plays need to be made up. The coaches can come together to make up a play and during a game they can decide what play to call. The last thing is equipment. The equipment has improved and it has improved because people try new things with it and communicate it to others.

Summary: The Big Bang is what started it all. The chemical elements helped create the ball and equipment. Life on earth put humans on this earth and help evolved them. Collective learning is what put it all together.

These are the thresholds that make football possible.

Other fields that have to do with football: Osteology, and Physics

Osteology: This is the study of bones. Bones are important because the development of bones allowed QBs to throw the ball. It is not only throwing the ball, the bones allowed the players to run, jump and catch the ball. Osteology can try to help make the bones stronger so players don't get hurt as much.

Peyton Manning wouldn't of been able to throw all his touchdowns, if it was for the evoultion of bones

Physics: This allows you to throw the ball. Not only to throw the ball, but to make adjustments on how far you need to throw it to get it to your receiver. You may see a ball thrown short or long. The quarterback makes adjustments to have the receiver make the catch. The quarterback has to decide how hard to throw it and the velocity of it. Another example is a kicker kicking the ball a the right angle.

Osteology on left Physics on Right

How football is important to more than one society: Football is starting to become a worldwide sport. There are 80 countries with organized federations governing the game. A German wide receiver named Moritz Boehringer was drafted last year in the NFL draft. China has their own football league. People in China have a lot of interest in the NFL. They watch it on the web and on TV and people are starting to play it more. This isn't only happening in China it is also happening in other countries too, such as: Great Britain. Mexico, and United Kingdom. It is not just guys that are getting involved it is women too. So football is becoming popular in other countries and it entertains people.

Different football player in other countries


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