Welcome to Missouri The show me State

Lots of famous were born in Missouri like, Mark Twain, the author of "Tom Sawyer".
Missouri is known for producing Corncob pipes.
The St. Louis Arch is in St. louis Missouri. It is known as The Gateway to the West.. St. Louis is one of Missouri's largest city.

In 1904 the St. Louis world fair was held.

Missouri's Weather is generally mild. The temperature in summer is a average of 76 degrees, and the winter is an average of 32 degrees.

Jefferson City is the state capital of Missouri.

The population in 2013 was 6,044,171.

Missouri's state motto is "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law".

Missouri is the crossroads of the continental United States.
-State bird: bluebird -State musical instrument:fiddle -State flower:Hawthorn
Missouri became the 24th U.S. state in 1821.
About 2/3 of Missouri is farmlands. Soybeans are the most valuable crops in Missouri. Also the farmers raise livestock.

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By Greta Paschall


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