Kyrie Irving One of the Best Basketball Players in the world

Kyrie always knows where he is going with the ball. He played a lot so he learned to move with the ball.

In 2016 Kyrie got the last point in the finals. He took a three point shot and won the game that won the championship!

Kyrie is good at lay ups, breaking ankles, defense, 3 pointers and faders.

Basketball teams he has played on are the U.S.A. team and the Cleveland Cavs.

My opinion is that I think Kyrie is one of the the best players in his league .

Kyrie is strong and muscular like wrestlers and he is cool and rich like LeBron James and Michael Jordan .

Kyrie is 6'3" tall and weighs 193 lbs. He went to college at Duke which is a basketball college.

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