Prince Oliver, a male pit bull, staring out of the fenced play area.

A little girl and her family looking for a new dog. They have found one that they like and are waiting for a volunteer to come and help.

Prince Oliver running and enjoying the free time he is given outside of his cage.

Here a volunteer says good bye to one of her favorite puppies as she gets adopted.

Prince Oliver, a male Black pit bull. Pit bulls have bad reputations of being dangerous dogs. Forty percent of euthanizations are of pit bulls, making it the highest killed breed.

Drew, a male pit bull. He is one of the more energetic ones and would not stop running around.

Prince Oliver coming for attention after being called.

Surius James, a 5 year old black pit bull. He is a very timid dog and cuddles rather than toys.

Drew is one of the better trained dogs and knows many basic commands including sit, and down.

Bane, a male pit bull with his ears badly clipped. Clipped Ears can be a big contender into a dog not getting adopted. It makes a dog look more aggressive and will often times discourage people from even looking into the dog. Bane was adopted later that day.


Created with an image by Agustinus Nathaniel - "it’s really basic and usual for everyone to take shots of beautiful skies wrapping their worlds…I’m one of them"