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Authenticity in Partnerships

More than just access to a target audience, music and brand partnerships are an outstanding way to show, rather than tell, that a brand is actively supporting matters that are important to the targeted audience. Artist and brand alignment is a crucial component that essentially converts a campaign from basic brand awareness to engaged brand loyalty.

When CEA is suggesting artists for brands to work with, we are often challenged to match a particular component of a campaign with an artist. Current topics in the partnership realm have been sustainability, connectivity, proclivity towards social justice matters (or away from them in some cases), and individuality. For many brands, these attitudinal qualities rank higher than the need for a specific audience demographic, therefore telling us that brands are getting smarter about how they engage with artists and why. Gone are the days that a person with the most Instagram followers takes the whole list of campaigns- people and brands don’t trust influencers like they once did, while music and artists elevate emotional and personal connection. As we’ve seen recently, brands are seeking to connect emotionally with an artist and their audience, with a strong sense of integrity in the pairing, because music is also increasing the tangibility of products that brands offer. The return on investment for the brand is that the audience is more likely to engage with them if they truly believe the artist does too.

Although established brands may choose to promote new products with key influencers and ambassadors, most often we see brands partnering with artists to increase their brand positioning or to secure brand loyalty for the long term. We know wholeheartedly that artist partnerships are a win for brands.

Did you know

  • Globally, brands can expect approximately $6.50 return for every dollar spent on partnership marketing? | P1
  • 80% brands find partnership marketing to be effective | P2
  • 89% of brand managers say the return on investment from partnership marketing is comparable or better than other channels | P3
  • We find that entertainment pairings with brands legitimises new brands found through search | P4
  • Consumers are connecting to brands through music due to their emotional and personalised alignment with artists. We continue to see increased activity of brands pairing with musicians as part of their overall marketing strategies.
  • Research by Innocean has noted that Australians value ‘empathy, generosity & transparency’ from brands, which has increased significantly in the past 6 months | P6

From delivering access to an artist, or getting their favourite artist back on the road, when done correctly, the authenticity of the partnership has the potential to deliver brand credibility and preference, in addition to brand engagement.

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By Cessalee Smith-Stovall