Baseball Expert By Bode M

opening game


Today we are going to talk about baseball and how the game works I talk about practice, formation, rules and running.

If you practice you always win in your heart


Playing baseball is hard and fun. You need to put a lot of effort into practice. When i play i know what to do i know what i can do i know how to do it and you're going to learn to play. All you need is equipment, positive attitude, a smile, and the power to believe. All this supplies can make you a baseball player, a superstar. You can do anything you want with practice, effort, and the power to believe.

john rocker in his formation


First things first let's go through the pitching forms. (1) rocker step back and lean back. (2) pivot, turn your right foot to the right. (3) up, bring up your knee in a straight vertical angle. (4) throw the ball as hard as you can at the catcher's glove. The pitching formation is named after John Rocker. John Rocker was famous until he threatened a reporter. Just because you're famous does not me you can do anything.

Baseball layer scoring a run


now let's talk about the rules. No leading until the ball has past the plate, no arguing with the ump, you can only have 9 players on the field,”A RUN (or SCORE) is the score made by an offensive player who advances from batter to runner and touches first, second, third and home bases in that order. The order of the bases is in a counterclockwise direction around the square from home to first.”

player is running as fast as he can


When running you don't need stamina, all you need to do is practice. Lift your knees high, and lean forward. If you have a treadmill run on that for about an hour a day. Otherwise run in one spot. You may consider yourself a base stealing threat every time you get on base, or maybe you look for certain situations to take an extra base. Your running ability does not matter, your value as a base runner is important to your team.

End of a game


As you can see I talk about the rules, running, practice, and formation.

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