Sexism in the Media By Jeffrey gouveia

Table Of Contents

  1. Protein World Advertisment
  2. Dr Pepper Commercial
  3. Bic Womens Day Advertisment
  4. Music Video
  5. Song

Our first piece of sexist media in 2016 comes from a "Protein World" advertisement that is trying to sell weight loss supplements. Protein World's marketing strategy must have been to target any women who is insecure about their weight, and wants to get that "beach body" as soon as possible. Obviously Protein World uses a beautiful, skinny model that reminds girls if their not as skinny and as good looking as the model, they should buy the product. This advertisement focuses on women and once again reinforces the sexist stereotype that women always have to look and lose weight, while for men; it doesn't really matter.

This Dr. Pepper 10 commercial kicks off the sexism right at the beginning when the narrator stats that if you are a women, you wouldn't be enjoying the action movie they are trying to portray. The commercial then explains that everything that is happening in the commercial is "what guys like", including the soda. Finally the commercial ends everything off with an extremely blunt and sexist statement: "It's not for women". This is pretty self-explanatory but the ad suggests that if you are a women, you shouldn't like action movies, explosions, or anything in that commercial. For the girls that do like all that kind of stuff (because there are many) they will feel that it might be wrong to like that stuff, and only guys can. Finally the ad also specifically tells the customer that the soda is only for men and women shouldn't buy it.

This advertisement seems appealing with support for #HappyWomensDay, but the text above the hashtag is extremely sexist. All of the female gender pronouns are used to describe physical appearance and interaction. This ad suggests that females should look and act ladylike, but when it comes to thinking and making rational decisions, they should be more like men. This ad is meant to target women in celebrating #NationalWomensDay, but instead brings off an extremely sexist vibe that would repulse any women who believes in equality. This reinforces sexism in our society by making women seems less superior to men in an intellectual way. Ads like these are what makes up sexism in modern North America. They impact our society in a way we don't even notice, by creating stereotypes and causing our society to make assumptions about a certain group of people.

This music video is presented in a very familiar and sexist way I have seen multiple times. This video is only one example of a handful of videos I could show you where women are presented as objects rather than people. The artists or rappers in this case are singing their song while there are multiple half naked women dancing erotically beside them. This video reinforces sexism by once again only presenting women in a sexual way. If you haven't noticed already, the men are always fully clothed where as the females are rarely clothed in most music videos by male rappers. Even videos by female artists show the same thing, in Nicki Minaj's song "Anaconda" the women are barely clothed while the only man featured in the music video (Drake) is fully clothed. This also shows the inequality of men and women in not only music videos, but the media in general.

Wow, I feel like I don't even need to say anything due to the cover of the video featuring the lyrics to one of the lines from the song. The lyrics in this song are extremely sexist and homophobic. This song reinforces sexism and homophobia by clearly stating it, such as "I do fight dykes" and "Dump that Bitch". This song also advocates the physical abuse of women when the artist (XXXtentacion) says "Grab the bat, Babe Ruth. Swing that bitch might lose a tooth". This song simply reinforces the whole sexist stigma around women we are currently trying to erase. Women are also referred to as "bitches" in the entire portion of the song. It is not hard to see the sexism and homophobia in this song which shows that not all sexism and homophobia is hidden in today's media.

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