Jumped rita williams-Garcia

Bystander by James Preller


There are not many similarities between Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia and Bystander by James Preller but there are a few. The author of these books both wrote the books in a first person stand point. Both of these books the characters are usually in school and have to deal with school work while also handling personnel problems. They both have characters with bullying surrounding their lives in some way.


These two books have tons of differences one being that all of the main characters are girls in Jumped and in Bystander the main character is a boy. In the book jumped the author wrote the chapters switching of pbetween three female characters lives. Trina is an artist, is very full of herself and loves to brag about herself and her art work. Dominique is a basketball player struggling with grades and has a very short temper. She is angered by Trina bumping into her in the hallway and wants to get back at her by jumping her after school. Leticia is struggling with school and her friend Bea keeps pressuring her to tell Trina that Dominique is planning to jump her. In bystander, Eric a 13 year old boy that moves to a new town meets a kid that he thinks is getting bullied by griffin. He soon realizes that he is more than just a bystander in this situation. Jumped is only set in an 8 hour period of time while Bystander is told in a longer period of time.


I would recommend the book Jumped for anyone who wants to read a quick book for fun. The book can sometimes be confusing at certain points like when the character tells a story or describes something it runs on and on and made me loose track of what was actually happening. I would prefer Bystander over Jumped because in my opinion it had a much better plot and story to it than Jumped. All though jumped is way easier to relate to while bystander has a better and more complex story to it.

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