Mission Update January, 2021

Praise God for the work He is doing in the Middle East through Mike and his team!

In the past decade, millions of men, women, and children have been displaced across the Middle East by ISIS, the Syrian war, and the resulting economic hardship. Mike and his team serve those who have been affected by war, natural disaster, or civil unrest, especially if they are not well supported by the governments around them.

Currently, they are serving refugees in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) and Lebanon. They partner with like-minded nationals to help those who are most in need, including Syrian, Christian, and Yazidi refugees. They build relationships through visits and food, water, and fuel distributions to help meet the immediate needs. Then they support the local leadership by training them in long-term development projects such as building food and water supplies, creating education or jobs, with a goal of helping the local communities become self-sufficient. Finally, they work with national leaders to help protect religious freedom for all.

The recent Covid illness and lockdowns have brought a sharp increase in poverty and hopelessness among the refugees, as they are unable to provide for their families.

Praise God:

  • for 1,000 wheelchairs the team has shipped to Lebanon in partnership with Joni and Friends.
  • for Farmer Azzod and other local leaders who have embraced the training to bless the people around them.

Please pray:

  • for the storage and distribution of the wheelchairs - that each one will go where it is most useful and bring mobility and independence and an awareness of the love of God!
  • for Mike and his team to walk in love as they serve those in need.
  • for open doors for further ministry.
Matt & Noelle Harris - Uganda

Praise God for Matt & Noelle Harris and their ministry in Northern Uganda!


  • Their furlough continues to give them rest and fulfillment of their desire to meet with and be encouraged with other brothers and sisters in the faith.
  • For the joy they have of being reunited with family and friends.
  • An offering at a church they visited provided enough funds to purchase land and a roof for one of the new churches their Ugandan church planted.

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued health and joy as they continue to rest and visit here in the USA.
  • Continued funding to build 19 more Ugandan church buildings ($1500 each) to shelter the churches that have been planted in the past few years. Currently the churches are meeting on rented properties under trees like the one pictured top left (Calvary Chapel Lwala).
  • For them to be filled with the Spirit to share the good news with others!
Janice Evans - Ukraine

Praise God for Janice Evans, who continues to serve in a new church plant in Chornomorsk, Ukraine. Praise God for:

  • the friends she will celebrate Christmas with - her Ukrainian "son", Roma, his brother, her Nigerian friend and her brother, and Janice's pastor & his wife.
  • the church plant, which has been able to continue meeting in person. Thank God for the youth, who have continued to grow in the Lord. Their parents don't all attend, but several moms have commented that their children are changing for the good and they are happy that the teens attend the new church.
  • the open doors she has continued to find as she practices Russian language 2 hours a day at a local cafe'.

Prayer Requests:

  • for Janice's joy and peace as she celebrates the holidays as a single woman in a foreign land. For God to be her portion.
  • for continued growth in Russian.
  • for continued open doors to share God's love.
Pastor Karau - Kenya

Praise God for the continued health and growth of the Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope (SOH) home for orphans. Most of the family continues to live in Meru in Northern Kenya. Several of the teens who are preparing for testing have already relocated to Nairobi. The rest of the family should return to Nairobi after the first of the year if Kenya continues to transition to opening all schools in January.

Praise God:

  • SOH son Geoffrey was accepted at Kenyatta University and should begin studying there after the holidays.
  • SOH daughter Janet was accepted to a 3-year program in general agriculture at Kibeta Technical Institute, which begins in January. Praise God for their acceptance into higher education, which is important for creating a livelihood in Kenya!

Please pray:

  • for all the children as they resume studies and relocate to Nairobi. Most will also relocate to boarding schools in Nairobi (which is the culturally appropriate way to attend high school in Kenya). This will be a big change for these 20+ teenagers!
  • for Geoffrey & Janet as they begin their studies in higher education.
  • SOH sons George, Peter, and Victor had planned to graduate high school in November, 2020. Now that are expected to graduate in April, 2021. Please pray for these young men as they complete a year of studies in 6 months.
  • wisdom regarding future school plans for two of SOH's special education students. Kenya does not have many resources for those who learn differently.
  • Pastor Karau will have cataract surgery soon. It has already been delayed due to a Covid outbreak at the surgery clinic. Please pray for the right timing and wisdom for the medical providers.
  • 10 primary school students in Mathare Valley slum who will be supported through SOH's new relative-based orphan care. They will continue to live with their relatives but receive extra support and training through SOH and Mathare Worship Centre, another Calvary Worship Center partner. Pray for Pastor Steve Kariithi and his wife Joyce as they visit families and complete the intake and screening for these 10 children.
Sanctuary of Hope - Meru, Kenya

The SOH family took note of a desperate family of eight, headed by a single mom, in their Meru neighborhood. The neighbor's housing was terribly inadequate, so the SOH family is building them a house. Pray for these neighbors in need, and pray for the SOH kids to continue growing in their compassion and willingness to step in and help.

His Safe Haven - Liberia

Praise God for His Safe Haven in Liberia! The families of foster moms and abandoned children with special needs come together daily to play, receive medical checkups and individual therapy, eat with one another, and spend time in fellowship. Praise God for the joy and laughter He has brought to His Safe Haven Village in the midst of dark times!

Linda Weber - Lamorlaye, France

Praise God for Linda Weber and her continued faithfulness to His gospel in Lamorlaye, France!

Praises & Prayers:

  • Her Thanksgiving was smaller than usual, with only 3 friends: Delphine, Dorothee, and Chris (pictured above with Linda). Both Delphine and Dorothee have grown so much in their faith that they were able to share their faith and love with Chris! She is Chinese and grew up in Hong Kong. She was raised with no notion of any God, and was very interested to learn about Christianity and to see people who have a living faith. Please pray for Chris to embrace the Savior who has loved her and laid his life down for her.
  • After the first lockdown in France from March to May, the Lamorlaye church was able to begin meeting again as a church, but the living room they were meeting in was too small to comply with distancing regulations. they moved down to the garage (garage church pictured above middle). Then came the second confinement and Zoom became the official meeting place. On December 7, they were invited to enter Lamorlaye Protestant Chapel for the first time in over 2 years, and given a key (pictured above right)! They can now meet freely for services and other activities. There's only one catch: the Covid restrictions limit them to 5 people at a time in the facility! Please pray for wisdom on how to move forward!
  • Linda was allowed to continue ministering to residents of the retirement home by sending in a written service, even though she is not allowed to visit in person. Praise God that He has not forgotten these isolated people, and pray that He will minister to them in miraculous ways through Linda's writing!
The Cuozzo family - Bath, England

Praise God for Jeff & Naomi Cuozzo and their continued ministry to the people of Israel, as well as in a church plant in Bath, England!

Praises & Prayers:

  • God has provided a new avenue of ministry! Jeff has joined the ministry Behold Israel, which brings a message regarding prophesy and God's heart for the nation of Israel to the UK and Europe through sound Bible teaching and events. He has been able to minister to many across the UK through weekly global prayer meetings and Scripture readings, as well as Question and Answer sessions. Please pray for continued fruitfulness!
  • Jeff & Naomi have also begun a weekly Zoom call for young adult discipleship. Please pray that they are able to continue encouraging these young adults as they follow Christ.
  • In spite of the lockdown, Calvary Bath (the new church plant) has been blossoming and growing into a thriving group of believers! They continue to meet people who are hungry and desperate for the Word of God and fellowship. They are teaching the books of Revelation and Acts, and are regularly seeing new people added to their number! Please pray for God to continue bringing the church together to grow and multiply!
Calvary Worship Center Missions

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!