Mexico & Italy By Emma

The map of mexico 🇲🇽
What is the population in Mexico? 🇲🇽

The population is 130,222,815 😱

What is the weather in the capital city of Mexico? 🇲🇽

The current weather of Mexico City is sunny with temperatures ranging between 26-19

What is the significant landform in Mexico? 🇲🇽

This is the Central Plateau - the Sierra Madre Occidental range on the west and the Sierra Madre Oriental range on the east. ⛰

What languages are spoken in Mexico? 🇲🇽

They speak Spanish & Mexican 🗿

What is the mian religion in Mexico? Answer: the main religion of Mexico is Roman Catholic 🙃

Food, traditional dress and sport

The main sport is football followed by boxing 🥊 ⚽️

The main food is rice and beans spicy food is called picant and tacos 🌮 🌶

Dresses : huipil , quech quemitl , reboze and da Mexican skirt 👗

Biggest changes

1810-1821 = Mexico is at war against Spain and the Mexicans win yay 😊

1836= Mexicans and Texans battle ( to the death)

1846= the US wins the Mexican and American war and gains Mexican territory

1910= the Mexican revolution begins when citizens rise up against oppressive rulers

Mexican pineapple in water 😏

1968= Mexico City hosts the first Olympic Games ever held in Latin America

1985 = earthquake nearly 10,000 people are killed 🙀

2006 = more then 5000000 people are left homeless after heavy rains causing floods🌊

Now Italy 🇮🇹
Italy 🇮🇹
What is the population in Italy? 🇮🇹

There are 60,656,000 people

What is the weather in Rome? 🇮🇹

This week the temperature ranges from 19-23 during the day

Significant landform in Italy? 🇮🇹

Mountain range called atlas, volcano stormboli, subalpine lakes


Italian and they use to speak Latin and Greek

More Italy 🇮🇹

Most people are Christian and most don't go to churches but they still have church wedding 👰🏽

Food dresses and sports

Sport: they play a lot of sport, a few examples are tennis, skiing and football ⚽️ ⛷ 🎾

Food: the main ones are pizza and pasta 🍝 🍕

Yum yum 🍟
Biggest changes

1915 = World War One on the side of the allies.

1946 = Italians vote to end monarchy and makes the nation a democratic republic.

1949-1943 = sides with a enemy in World War Two.

2008 = billionaire Silvio berluscone returns to power as prime minister.

2009 = earthquake many people left injured or homeless.

Nice pics 👍🏻
What I did to find my information

I first went into awesome sources but nothing came up so I went into safari and tyeped the question some things came up straight away and some I had to scroll down and down till I found what I was looking for.


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