People Will Die By Remy


2017 | Comedy

"Well i don't have a bill or a groan to detail, i just need a short clip for my donor email. — Tim, there's blood on your hands, you want people to die, that good, cool, tim dinner at 5?"


  • Remy was born in DC to Iraqi and Lebanese parents, and grew up in Virginia.
  • He garnered attention with youtube videos of his alter ego Iraqi comic Habib Abdul Habib.
  • Find out more about Remy here:


Luke Tatum

Reductio ad absurdum! Remy, who easily qualifies as the libertarian poet laureate, (or as close as we can get without a state) masterfully takes apart the tactics of Elizabeth Warren. I don't feel like it's necessary to write too much on this one, UNLESS OF COURSE YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!

Sherry Voluntary

This comic ditty is a funny exposure of the insanity of the “nanny State,” and some of the guilt and shame tactics politicians and pundits use to push asinine causes and agendas. Other classics include, “Do it for the children,” “You need to pay your fair share,” “the social contract,” “We have a responsibility to….” and a personal golden oldie from the 90s, “Old people will have to eat cat food to survive!” The ridiculousness that passes for care and concern is, well, ridiculous. Most of the time it’s just politicians trying to make it look like they’re doing something to earn their keep. It’s expensive busy work that the walking dead take up as their virtuous cause of the moment. Guess they just care more than I do about the “real issues,” like the plastic straw and raw milk epidemics.

Nicky P

I wish the ideas in the video sounded more ludicrous than the shit that actually gets brought up on capital hill. Each one rings more crony than the last. They don't even deign to make points, they rest on the idea that politics is team sports and you believe your team is good and the other is evil. Following this idea has pushed both sides farther and farther from each other ideologically...unless your idea includes freedom bedcause they both want to force their way of life on you. I especially enjoy the call out to the bit where he points out he's just looking for a sound bite and will be at dinner with a member of the team later. You see the team part is just part of the theatre. It's pro wrestling where we decide how many ways we can murder brown people overseas. Anyone who tries to bring reason to the system is immediately discredited by the establishment. I can't help but think of John Mcain & his treatment of Rand Paul. It's a funny video but ultimately fairly disheartening, because it only seems to get worse.

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Nicky P

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