Canbury School Newsletter 25th January 2019. issue 148

Dear Parents and Visitors

We enjoyed a most constructive Year 11 parents' evening on Wednesday. This is the last such evening ahead of this year's GCSEs and the prize is now in sight. Year 11 know they have to get their heads down and concentrate, but they also know they are on the home run. Putting in the effort now will reap great rewards on results day.

Further down the school we have parents' evening for Year 9 this Thursday from 5-7pm. Ahead of that we have the presentation at 4pm from benbullenadventures.co.uk which all Year 9, and those in Year 10 who have already completed their Bronze Award, are expected to attend. Further details in last week's newsletter. Our staff leader for DoFE is Mr McGregor who will be your first point of contact at school for this exciting adventure.

A gentle reminder that the Year 9 GCSE Option forms need to be returned to Ms Branney by Friday 1st February.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Zac for 100% in this week’s Parallel Mathematics Quiz. Well done that young man.

Year 11

Luca (especially) and Felix for their sterling work in helping to prepare the set-up for Year 11 Parents’ Evening.


Senior students enjoyed an invigorating gym session this week with Miss Ross down at the Kingsmeadow athletics and fitness centre. They learned about exercises using kettlebells and the TRX. Miss Ross reports that her students were very enthusiastic and keen to learn. Her enthusiasm is infectious! Bravo.

Work experience update for Year 10.

Year 10 had a most informative talk from Achieving for Children yesterday.

Sharon Barrett came into school to introduce the students to the ‘world of work’. Here at Canbury and with the help of AfC we offer our students a week’s work experience in the summer term. Yesterday was start of that process where they were asked to think about what jobs there are in particular industries and also about the areas that they may be considering for future studies and employment.

They have now completed a form outlining areas they are considering as well as those they are currently not so interested in. From this information Sharon will be trying to organise placements for our students.

Their work experience will take place during the week commencing 24th June 2019.

Talking of work experience - Ms Clancy's Yorkie Roxy joined us today. Sadly we don't think Roxy will be working too many days on reception - she's far too busy being sociable!

Tate Modern - students loved their day out.

The Tate Modern day trippers in a beautiful arrangement by Ijaaz.

A fabulously arty day out was enjoyed by Year 11 and Year 12 this week, as you can see from these pictures. The trip helped Year 11 generate ideas and gather essential primary source research for their externally set assessment. Year 12 were there to see how art work is displayed in public spaces ahead of installing their own work in their upcoming exhibition at Kingston Library.

Oh calamity! What will become of me?

The hall was transformed into a melodramatic corridor of calamity on Thursday, during Miss Scott's Performing Arts class for Year 9. The budding thespians were encouraged to dig deep and find their inner damsels in distress. As you can see from the pictures below, the Canbury students, never ones to do things by halves, threw themselves into the dastardly challenge with aplomb.

Woe is me.....Canbury students take their lead from the big screen.

A correction

Apologies to Harry Conlan in Year 12 who wrote a marvellous piece in last week's newsletter about the Unilever apprenticeship presentation evening he attended. Harry is of course in the Sixth Form, not Year 10. We hope we are forgiven Harry!

ADHD information

Ms Clancy was visited by Archie Chimanayi, this week, who is the director of ADHD Care Ltd. This company specialises in the assessment and treatment of children and adults with ADHD.

Their website provides easy access to a wide range of ADHD resources which can easily be accessed in various formats including apps, podcasts, online streaming, printable user friendly leaflets and videos.

Visit https://www.adhdcare.co.uk/ for more information. There are also free booklets available to take home. Copies are available from reception.

Crack open the Smarties - it's all in a good cause.

Woo hoo! At last we all have a valid reason to treat ourselves to a tube of Smarties! Our first charity event this term will be to support the sterling work of Momentum, a small local charity based in Kingston. Working locally in South West London, Surrey and Sussex, Momentum supports families whose children have cancer or a life-challenging condition.

Maria Stoney from Momentum with Canbury charity ambassadors Zac and Felix. Thanks to Mrs Bowen for another great charity initiative.

Today we welcomed Maria Stoney from the charity at assembly. She introduced us to the Momentum Smarties Challenge. It's a tough one.....from this coming Monday 28th January to Friday 1st February, students are asked to buy a tube of Smarties. Once the contents have been consumed (don't forget to share), please refill the tube with £1 & 20p coins. The tubes need to be initialled by the students and handed in to their form tutor by Friday. More than one tube may be filled (although your dentist may not be so keen on that idea).

Take a look at https://www.moment-um.org/home

Meet the member of staff

The end of the newsletter, where we learn a whole host of things about a member of staff that we just didn't know. This week our star of the show is LSA Mrs Veacock, who it would appear yearns for just five minutes of peace and quiet, not to mention a lovely hot tub of bubbles with perhaps some chocolate thrown in for good measure.

Mrs Veacock, who does love to be beside the seaside.....

What's the best part about your day?

Cuddles in bed with my kids, it's the best feeling ever - until they start jumping on me.

What's the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

When I wasn't well I hid from my husband so I could have some time to myself. I felt really guilty but it was so worth it. He still doesn't know. Oops.

In another life, what would be your dream job?

I think a baker. I would love to be able to make amazing looking cakes. I love baking and cooking, my creations just never look that pretty.

Bucket and spade holiday by the sea or walking holiday in the Lake District?

Beach holiday definitely - the kids will love it and I can try to rest a bit.

If you had a whole day to yourself, with no responsibility to anyone, what would it look like?

A big hot bath and lots of chocolate. With two little ones I don't get a lot of time to relax.

What one thing would you change about Canbury if you could?

More free time space. This would include a bigger outside space for different activities, and an indoor chill out and quiet room for students to relax out of the way from the busy playground games.

If you had to give a tourist just three places to visit in London, where would you suggest?

Top spots for tourists in Mrs Veacock's whistle stop sight seeing tour of the capital.

I'm a big kid at heart so I love M&M world, and the orbit slide, and a bit of shopping in Oxford Street.

Best book you've ever read?

Dave Pelzer's "A child called 'It' ". It's a harrowing yet inspiring true story about child abuse and it has really made me look at things differently.

If you could time travel, where would you go?

The 1930s. I love the fashion and would love to know what it was like for my grandparents growing up.

You're hosting a dinner party - top three guests?

I would have my grandad who died when I was little. I would love to spend a bit more time with him.

Two of Mrs Veacock's perfect dinner party guests. What an interesting evening that would be!

I would be fascinated to talk to Albert Einstein about being dyslexic, and to get inspiration for myself and others about how to use being dyslexic to our advantage.

My third guest at the table would be Marilyn Monroe.




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