Cumberland Island A Backpacking Trip

Traveling on the Cumberland Queen ferry with high expectations of an island adventure.
The most spectacular feature of the island is the beach. Stretching out for miles, the wide unspoiled beach beckons visitors to explore its vast beauty.
On the southern tip of the island is the marsh, which contains more biomass than any other part of the island.
Along the river, the island offers unusual sights, with the maritime forest grown to the very edge of its western boundary.
Cumberland Island has the largest maritime forest on the east coast.
Beautiful Statford Campsite
Preparing for another adventure. Food bags hung and ready to go.
Live Oaks provide a beautiful canopy.
The island is always full of surprises, adventure and authentic learning.
Beached whale dissection, cliff climbing, water coloring and team building.
The Sharing of Deep Thoughts
The dramatic sunrise begins a new day on Cumberland Island
Hiking to the campsite.
Campfire, a hot meal and fellowship.
Boys ready to try their hand at fishing.
Girls hard at work...
Always time for play.
And time to go home.
Hiking down the beach towards the ferry...Cumberland Queen
We will return...
To experience another Cumberland Island sunrise.
Created By
Gordon Davis


All photos taken by Gordon Davis

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