Chicago Bears Understanding the marketing environment

The Chicago Bears

Located in Chicago, Illinois The Bears have a long history with the NLF, playing in all of the leagues 95 seasons while capturing nine NFL Championships and one Super Bowl in the process.

Staley Da Bear (mascot)
Soldier Field Located near the south side of Chicago

Brand Competitors

The Green Bay Packers (Have had a big rivalry with the Bears since 1921)
The Minnesota Vikings

Category Competitors

Tim McGraw (Music)
Cats (Broadway)

Generic Competitors

Gas (+18.71% higher prices compared to Minneapolis MN)
CPI Measurement
  • Groceries Prices in Chicago, IL are 8.83% lower than in Minneapolis, MN
  • Rent Prices in Chicago, IL are 44.76% higher than in Minneapolis, MN
  • Restaurant Prices in Chicago, IL are 12.24% higher than in Minneapolis, MN
  • Consumer Prices in Chicago, IL are 2.63% higher than in Minneapolis, MN

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is a headset you wear on your head that projects a screen right in front of you're eyes to resemble a look that you are actually there. Quarterbacks are now using this same technology to help them practice drills and plays while not in the field. VR also has its perks for the fans which allows them to watch full games with the view of being right on the field while at home. Some say that the VR will change the way players prepare for a game.


The Workers Compensation Bill has a potentially large impact for the Chicago Bears. Within the 136 pages in the proposed bill there are only a few changes. Of those changes, the section most pertinent to the Bears is the wage differential. The wage differential is awarded until the employee turns 67, or, at a maximum, 5 years after the injury. The modifications to the bill, however, specifically define professional athletes and their differences from traditional employees. Instead of a 67-year-old cap on wage differential, the proposed end to wage differential is when the former athlete turns 35 (the 5 year stipulation still applies).

Ladies Night

Ladies Night gives the opportunity for the female demographic to tour at Soldier Field. Allowing them to experience locker room tours, equipment demonstrations, player autograph sessions, Bears Care auction, Pro Shop specials and other entertainment. Being that it will be only females, it will allow for new discussions that wouldn't have been brought up with a mixed gender tour. Ladies Night gives the people at Soldier Field a look into what the female demographic are looking for while attending a game at Soldier Field.

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