Antonio Gagliardi "My mind is an opensource."

Antonio Gagliardi, 25 years old, was born in CirĂ² Marina, a small village in Crotone. After many years of wandering around Europa, he has settled down in Bologna and subsequentially he has started to work on his invention. His story is made of passion, altruism and a lot of chaos. A true artist who is, his inventions are often quit and immediately replace by new ideas which it will put aside by as much innovations. It is a spiral mechanism that certainly has in it something genial.

To understand the complicated mind of Antonio, it is necessary observe his inventions and his future project...

Food 3 d printing

The process actually used is based on the FDM deposition of plastic, in the case of food constrict too much possibilities of digital fabrication with food. So Antonio created an algorithm wich generate infinite patterns inspired by the spirodiver and "hacked" the printing process, adding a stochastic deposition wich is printing far from the surface to allow a mix of my predefined path and a bit of randomness due to material fall.

Diatom helmet

Antonio developed an algorithm inspired by diatom structure to create an helmet (any other prosthetic too) wich have a distributed resistance to impact and at the same time less material due to the holes that self-organize on a defined surface. That was a collab with Paula Studio based in Rome.

Project air3dne

Antonio Collab with Daniele Colombati for his building engineering and architecture thesis, to develop a 3d printer wich can print with dynamic z_axis movements. This mean that could be possible 3d print avoiding the layer_by_layer process and print on not flat surfaces.

Digital Fabrication for dysphagic children

. I just began to collaborate with the director of pediatric department of reggio Emilia and his team to develop a machine that can prepare different composites of gelified food based on nutritional needs insert from dietician. The process can be attached before the 3d print to automate the preparation of the syringes for the printer.

Reggio Narra Event

Reggio Narra Event Antonio and tour team setted up three different activities for childrens during the whole day, an intro in 3D printing food, Laser Cutting and Electronics. He created a game where they could play with fruit as a piano, touching it to activate a note tone. They setted also two brainstorming activities to explore the kitchen of the future through digital fabrication.


A machine that can cut ravioli shapes with the traditional tool to make it. From an idea of Francesco Bombardi and Marcello Ligabue, ZTM mechatronics developed the mechanics, Antonio developed the algorithm for the movement (aka the software).

Antonio is a humble guy with a beautiful mind, he is always ready to help people with his ideas.

"I did all of this randomly, I always traid to be lousy what I did in all..." Cit.

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