Social Anxiety Behind the scenes of what social anxiety is

Pepe after he is told he has to do a presentation solo, knowing he has social anxiety.

Poem On Social Anxiety

  • Afraid to go out.
  • Afraid to talk to people.
  • It's difficult to make friends.
  • I rather be home.
  • Alone.
  • Scared to be in a big crowd of people.
  • Panicking about going to a social event.
  • Nervous about meeting new people.
  • Scared to ask someone something.
  • Staying quite instead of asking for something you need.
  • Feels like everyone is looking at you.
  • Regretting going out.
Photo representation
The inside of a person with social anxiety
Social Anxiety = Voiceless
Art pieces on social anxiety.
Social Anxiety meme that shows how someone with anxiety can make a problem out of something that could have been a very small problem to someone else.

Introduction Essay

Today not a lot of people take social anxiety seriously. Many people don’t really know what it is like to live with such a disorder that affects every little thing that a person does. Social anxiety is seen very commonly on the internet as something that is normal when it really isn’t, it is something that could cause anxiety attacks that could otherwise lead to a possible death, depending on the extent of the attack. My message is that just because someone looks fine on the outside, does not mean they don’t suffer from social anxiety.

My first piece is the poem. This poem tells the story of someone who suffers from social anxiety. This is just an insight to the mindset of someone who constantly has to have inner battles with themselves, trying to fight these thoughts. Anyone can read this and have a glimpse on what it is like to live with this. Poems are one of the best ways to express what someone has inside, the written language is a very powerful tool to use.

My second piece is a meme. The meme is just a visual representation of the poem. They both just give an insight of the mind, of those who suffer with this disorder. It is just a conversation that a person has with their mind that anyone can understand the message of it. Memes tend to get a bigger audience than any other form of writing, it is the way that the majority of the people communicate with today.

My third piece is simply a tweet. A lot of today's teens spend their time on twitter, with this tweet a lot of teens will be able to see it and be more considerate of people with social anxiety.This tweet is just a scenario of a person who is walking on the sidewalk and happens to see a group of teenagers. It is simply a description of what is going on in the mind as they are passing by the group of teenagers.

My last piece is a diary entry. This diary entry is a little more personal and it is a little more descriptive as to what it is like to have an anxiety attack. This is something that a lot of people go through on a daily bases, and could relate. If they can’t relate then they could have a deeper understanding on what exactly it is someone goes through when having an anxiety attack.

Many people should have an understanding of what exactly is is like to have social anxiety. It is not just good enough for them to know what is it is, but what it feels like, even if they themselves aren’t suffering from it. This way people are more conscious of what they say or do that can affect people who can have social anxiety.

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