Retrieval Practice Study Learning Objective #3

Part 1: Three Techniques

Technique #1 Flashcards

I am using the flashcard study technique for my Psychology 2010 class. A majority of the material covered in class is just definitions and memorization so flashcards should work perfect. I have written down definitions that are in Chapter 12. I will practice with the flashcards at least once a day for about 15-30 minutes each time. this should help me know definitions and eventually I should be able to just look at the term and define it without even flipping it over.

Flashcards with terms
Flashcards with definitions

Written Reflection: I was not able to get my test back for results. My professor just give us our grades instead of handing them back in person, but I did indeed improve from my prior test. I guess flashcards are indeed a good study technique. My test score improved from 72% to 86%. Although this Psychology is not quite my toughest class here at Clemson, this still shows that flashcards can have a positive effect when studying. My confidence did grow and I will definitely continue to make flashcards for my next tests.

Technique #2 Self Testing

I am going to use the technique of self testing for my Math 1020 class. This is probably my toughest class this semester so it is extremely important I understand the information taught in class. One of the best ways to understand math is to just practice it over and over so I believe self testing will be quite beneficial when preparing for my next test. Our homework website, WebAssign, offers many practice test and quizzes as does the Math 1020 department page. I am going to test myself on days I do not have homework due and try to at least twice a week prior to the test. I will being using practice test #2 to study.

WebAssign practice
WebAssign practice
Practice Test for Test #2
Practice Test for Test #2

Written Result: I was first not aware that their were practice test available in the Math 1020 department webpage but now I am. With having access to these practice test, my grades improved at an extreme rate. As shown in the pictures below, you can see that I went from score of 54.5% on my first test to a score of 97.5%. As you can tell this was a dramatic difference. Although I did not prepare for Test 1 like I could have, the practice test definitely still helped. I was first struggling with studying because all I had was the homework and lecture guide. Although they were still helpful, they were not near as helpful as a print out practice test. These practice test were actually previous tests given to prior Math 1020 students. With the practice test I was able to get a good feel of the structure of each test and I was able to see my strength and weaknesses. Needless to say I believe this is the best way possible to study for Math 1020.

Test #1
Test #2

Technique #3 Quizlet

For this technique I am going to use the study website Quizlet for my Entrepreneurship 1010 class. This class is full of terms and definitions so Quizlet is a great way to study and memorize definitions. It is key to know terms in my Entrepreneurship 1010 class or else you are destined to fail. I am going to test myself by taking several different practice test prior to my first test.

Written Reflection: Although this was only my first test in this class, I still scored 88% with the use of the study website Quizlet. Quizlet was extremely helpful in many ways. For instance, there were many practice test available specifically for my Entrepreneurship 1010 class. This allowed me to see some questions that could be asked and the format the test was most likely in. I went through a series of test for each chapter allowing me to get a better understanding of what all could be on the test. The only downside with this technique was that some information was not relative to the test at all so studying some things were a little pointless in a way. Overall I love Quizlet and I believe it is a great tool to use to prepare for a test.


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