The Trip That Almost Came To Be. By: Nicholas karalis

To end the year 2016, my Dad's side of my family and I made a plan to head up to Big Bear Mountain and spend a few days in the snow. The plan was to leave around noon and be there in the afternoon if not the evening.

What we wanted to experience over Winter Break.

The days prior went smooth, no complications with getting an SUV for us all to travel in, getting all of the snow gear together for snowboarding and just plain playing in the snow. Though, it all had to even out sooner or later.

The morning of the trip I started off the day with a slight stomach ache. I didn't think anything out of the ordinary, except maybe for the fact that I might've been hungry, so I had a snack and hoped for it to subside in the next hour or so, though turns out that was not so.

In the hours following the ache began to grow and grow in intensity and pain. That didn't necessarily persuade me to end this trip, after all of this preparation! So, I stuck it out through the car ride until we were about 20 minutes into the ride where I couldn't take it, so we pulled over, found a Carl's Jr., and decided to end the trip, as I was in too much pain.

Our Expectations vs The Reality given.

In the end though, we in a way dodged a bullet. The snow that was before supposed to fall that day turned into rain, which would've ruined our trip anyways. So, at least we all didn't have to suffer, only I had to! >:(

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21N Karalis


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