Lady Blue Devils-Caitlin Nadeau-1/29/21

It’s no question that the 2020-2021 Blue Devils’ Basketball season has been like no other. New COVID-19 policies have affected the season in every way imaginable. From social distancing procedures to canceled games, we’ve pretty much seen it all. These curveballs, though, have not affected our Blue Devils in the slightest! According to MaxPreps, our boys are 13-2 and our Lady Devils are 13-0! Undefeated, as they should be!

This past Saturday (1/23), Statesboro High School held Senior Night to celebrate all of our hard-working, soon-to-be graduates. As many know, we lost a fellow basketball player, O’jaym “OJ” Reese in August. He would have been a senior during the 2020-2021 basketball season so to honor his passing and celebrate his life, the seniors on the boys basketball team walked with OJ’s mom and gifted her a senior poster in memory of her son. OJ will always be remembered as a great student, gifted athlete, and a true friend to so many. Once a Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil.

Our next game will be this Friday (1/29) against Richmond Hill at SHS. Girls Varsity will be at 6pm and Boys Varsity will be at 7:30. The game is a WHITE OUT so wear white! Don’t forget to purchase tickets here: https://gofan.co/app/events/138829?schoolId=GA11899 Hope to see you there!

Caitlin Nadeau/Statesboro/12-1-2020

The 2020 Blue Devil Football Season was fun and memorable to say the least. Adjusting to the unexpected Covid-19 and all the new regulations was difficult for some but we managed. The team’s overall record was 4-7 and we went to the playoffs!

November Football Recap: The team had 2 regular season home games and 1 regular season away game. After that, we advanced to the playoffs against Evans High School. The Blue Devils played South Effingham High School at South Effingham High School on 11/06. The game resulted in a win with a score of 41-7. The game on 11/13 against Effingham County High School at the Womack Field was a loss with a score of 35-30. And the last regular season home game was against Glynn Academy and resulted in a loss with a score of 28-0.

The first round of the playoffs took place during Thanksgiving Break on 11/27. The game took place in Augusta, over an hour and a half away against Evans High School. The boys’ opponent school had an overall score of 9-2. Unfortunately, the boys lost with a score of 42-21 and will not be advancing any further. This is where our season comes to an end.

I am incredibly proud of our Blue Devils this year. Losing a few games gets discouraging, I know. But our boys didn’t let it crush their spirits. I’m so glad I had the chance to cheer this year because holding that run-through banner and hearing the boys get hype lifted my mood before every game. I can’t wait for next year! Hope to see y’all in the 2021 Friday Night Lights!

Caitlin Nadeau-Statesboro-10/2/2020

October was a very eventful month for the Statesboro High Blue Devils. Five total games. One every Friday. Two home games and three away games, each over an hour away. Our boys played hard, had fun, and did their best which is all that truly matters at the end of the day.

Our game on 10/2 was a home game against Appling County. The game was a loss with a score of 34-7. The next game, and every game until homecoming, was an away game. Our Blue Devils took an easy dub against Liberty County on 10/9 with a score of 33-3. The game on 10/16 against Richmond Hill was a loss with a score of 34-0. Our game during fall break on 10/23 against Brunswick, almost 2 hours away, was a loss with a score of 38-18.

Our most recent game was HOMECOMING on 10/30. I’m sure we can all say that we’re proud of our Devils for showing Bradwell who owns the Womack field with a final score of 34-16. We had loads of turnout at the game and I was very happy to see all the people that came out to celebrate homecoming. Everyone at the game looked amazing dressed up and glammed out. Props to every one of you guys that stayed the entire games in short sleeves and hills because I was freezing on the track.

Of course we can’t forget about all the beautiful girls that were on homecoming court. Freshman representatives: Leighton Barret, Alexas Kicklighter, Shamere Moody, and Ashton Odom. Sophomore representatives: Cadence Allen, Armani Cooke, Aubrea Grace, and Avery White. Junior representatives: Saria Carter, Sarah Ellis, Terrika Gibson, Autumn Grace, Madison Lee, and Jekiah Young. And last but not least, our Senior representatives: Shala Allen, Drew Dawson, Staclyn Durrence, Cherish Gieger, Jania Joseph, Britt Lane, Sandra Scott and Marrionnee Wade. Every single one of the girls out on the field during halftime Friday looked stunning. But at the end of the night, Britt Lane was crowned homecoming queen! Congratulations!

I hope everyone had an exciting and safe homecoming night after the game and a spooky Halloween weekend. Our next game will be against South Effingham at South Effingham High School on November 6th. Kickoff starts at 7:30pm as always. Be sure to come out and support the boys!

Caitlin Nadeau- Statesboro

As many of you know, our game against Swainsboro on 9/18 was a loss. The game ended with a score of 6-12. For the cheerleaders, preparing for the first game of the season was quite stressful. The hour-long bus ride was long and boring due to the fact that we had to stay socially distanced and skip every other seat on the bus. Setting up the run through banner and flags for the game was the most stressful part of the whole night, but was ultimately pretty worth it. It was my first time running flags and if any of you have seen it, you would understand that running across the entire football field and balancing the flag at the same time is pretty difficult.

The home game against Houston County on 9/25 was also a loss with a final score of 18-23. Our Blue Devils put up a fight but in the end, it wasn’t enough. We may not be at our best right now because a lot of our football players have been quarantined and cannot participate in the games but I’m really hoping we get some of our players back and clap back before the season ends.

Friday’s game was senior night so we started off the game at 7:00pm by having the senior band members, cheerleaders, and football players walk on the field with their parents to be recognized for their loyalty and love for their sport. The football players that were quarantined and could not make it to the game had their posters walked down the field by a few sophomore and junior cheerleaders.

The theme for last Friday’s game was hawaiian and it was so fun seeing almost every student dressed to the theme! For the cheerleaders, setting up for the game was way easier than it was the first time. Our only issue was getting the run-through banner up but we got it eventually. Cheering in front of the student section was really fun! When Kassidy Archie did her flips and each cheerleader did their jumps, they loved it! The spirit during the game could use some work though. I know you guys got more in you than what I saw last Friday. Only way for us to win is if the team is motivated, and there is no better way to motivate the team than with spirit! Overall, even though we lost, the game was a success and was really fun. My feet ached and I was exhausted, but that’s a good thing. It means we put forth our best effort and at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters.

Our next game will be at the Womack Field against Appling county on October 2nd at 7:30. As always, be sure to purchase your tickets online using this link: https://gofan.co/app/events/93266?schoolId=GA11899. The theme for this game will be AMERICA, so be sure to come dressed in your red, white, and blue!. To find out what the theme is for future games, watch your social media carefully and ask around. A lot of cheerleaders, myself included, will post the theme on our Instagram stories as soon as we find out! Hope to see you there! GO DEVILS!

Jackson Beaulieu

SHS Cross Country

Our last cross country meet went really well. It was our second race this season and our team placed fifth out of ten. Obviously on the outside that doesn’t sound spectacular, but compared to our first race it's really good. Almost everyone beat their previous time and everyone ran really well despite the conditions of the track. The temperature was great, it was nice and cool with a slight breeze. Normally I wouldn’t complain but the track had a downside, the entirety of it was at a slant and very bumpy. There was a bump every other inch and many roots as well which made it difficult to speed up. The entire time I felt like I could run faster and I did as time continued but not as much as I could’ve had the track been flat.

Having come out of a pandemic in which I didn’t do much physical activity it took me a while to shake off the dust I had gathered. But ever since I did I’ve been gaining speed. I started the season off running 30 minute 5k’s, and then I ran the first race in 26 minutes and most recently 25. I know I can run a lot faster, I just have to work up to it. Last season my fastest time was 22 minutes, so I'm shooting for a time faster than that. Our next meet is tomorrow and I’m positive that we’ll do great. I am really proud of how the team is doing and I know we’ll only get better. Our team is really strong, and we’re a family, the only way we can go is up.

Statesboro-Caitlin Nadeau-9/4

As everyone knows, the first game of the Blue Devils football season was canceled. The game was canceled due to several confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 on campus and in the community. Football practice was also suspended until Tuesday, September 8th and the next scheduled game will be an away game on September 18th against Swainsboro High School.

As a cheerleader, practicing and conditioning since July for this first game, it is slightly sad to see how Covid-19 is affecting our school and community. Some girls that wanted to be on the cheerleading team couldn’t participate because their parents wouldn’t let them and several girls on the current football team are doing virtual learning. I don’t even want to ask what if. What if the season gets delayed again? What if we get canceled completely? I know, personally, that the football season really makes me feel good about the rest of the year. Being out in the Friday Night Lights makes me feel like I belong to something bigger. The hype, the screams, the spirit. It makes being a high schooler just a little bit more fun.

I know that the delayed start for the football season kills everyone’s mood a little bit, but I know that when we go against Swainsboro, we’ll be our absolute best. Be sure to purchase your tickets for the next game online at https://gofan.co/app/school/GA11899.

When at the football games, you must be sure to follow the football game procedures. Masks are strongly encouraged, planned distancing units will be in-place, and the student section will be expanded and monitored. Just like in the cafeteria at the school, there will be X’s on certain seats and certain rows will be blocked off. If you are caught sitting where you are not supposed to or not socially distancing, you may be asked to leave and there is a chance that the student section will be closed for future games.