Williamsburg Photo Journal on Robert Carter By Parker Wischhover


The Adze

The adze was a tool introduced by the Powhatans. It has a curved wooden handle with an indent on the top to put a stone blade on top of it. It is used for chopping wood, like and axe, but instead of swinging sideways, you raise the adze to about eye level and then hit.

Inside of a Powhatan hut

A Powhatan home is made out of river reed. They put many layers of reed to make the house waterproof. The Powhatans have a fire burning in their house all day and every day so smoke fills the house to keep critters from getting their food.


Cabinet maker's shop

[Robert Carter's perspective] The cabinet maker's shop had many materials to customize many different kinds of desks and cabinets. It smelled very dusty, with sawdust and wood savings all over. I had the choice of buying stools, chairs, desks, cabinets, or bookshelves. I was thinking about getting a cabinet that had a door on the front with a lock, and many cabinets and secret compartments inside for me to store my valuable items. As I am in the gentry class, I am one of the people who can afford this item. I would have the makers of this furniture deliver it to my home so I don't have to carry it.

Today I visited Peyton Randolph's home. I visited him because he was a fellow gentry, like me. In his parlor, he had a mirror over his fireplace, and two nice pictures of flowers on either side of the fireplace. On the ledge above the fireplace, there are containers imported all the way from China. His house showed off his wealth, with wooden floors, intricate wallpaper designs, and lots of items from London. Peyton's bedroom had two beds, one for his wife and one for himself. They were both beautiful beds, with cloth covers and sunlight shining through all the windows of the room, making it very bright. My favorite part of Mr. Randolph's house was his front door, which was almost nine feet tall, and made the house look very majestic, from the inside and the outside. This door was a grand entrance to a grand house.

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