If you give a dog a ball by giovana campos

If you give a dog a ball, he'll be really happy.

If you give a dog a ball, he'll be really happy

If the dog is really happy, he'll want to play.

If he plays, he'll get really tired.

If he's tired, he's going to take a nap.

If he takes a nap, he'll need someone to wake him up.

If someone wakes him up, he won't be happy.

If he's not happy, you'll need something to make him happy.

If you need to make him happy, you should give him a ball.


Created with images by vastateparksstaff - "Dogs in Virginia State Parks" • shatvanyi - "dog running dog run" • marissabracke - "So intent is he on possibly getting to play tennis ball fetch, Pete doesn't even care that his brother has just put a fuzzy pancake toy on his back. #dog #dogs #pets #terrier #jackrussell" • Snufkin - "animal basket cuddly" • onefox - "dogs dog animal" • Sasha the Okay Photographer - "Dog" • Eddie~S - "dog" • marysemaitrejean - "dog portrait animal" • Slideshow Bruce - "balls"

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