Amara Bella Welcome

Thank you for contacting us ! We only offer the best in all inclusive service packages. We obtain your quote* (*we cannot guarantee that your chosen doctor will accept your case , quotes are given upon the doctors discretion . We do not give quotes .) , secure your surgery date , and act as a liaison between you and your doctor . We assist you in choosing what flights would be best for you (we will send you flight options if needed , we do not book flights) . We will assist in booking your accommodation for recovery if needed , and help coordinate travel arrangements and transportation . We also give you a detailed price breakdown of your entire trip, NOT just your surgery .We also offer pre and post op recovery kits for your journey on our online boutique.

Before becoming our client we would like you to be prepared to allow us to do all the scheduling, confirming , coordinating, consulting, and act as your liaison . All of our communications should be on the same email thread until the day of your flight , we prefer to keep communication via email only to avoid loss of information. Keeping all communication in one place protects both parties . We need you to put full trust in us , we cannot do our job if you contact the doctors and recovery homes . It just makes everything much more confusing and hectic . We will only communicate via email , until the day of your flight . If you choose to hire us , we would be your go to person and we will contact the Doctors , recovery homes , etc on your behalf. If you are not prepared to sit back and allow us to handle everything for you than I'm afraid we are not the consulting team for you. We take pride in our ability to create Beautiful Journeys for our clients and we would hope that you would expect nothing less!

We need you to understand that the doctor is the one to provide us with your quote. There is a possibility that the doctor will not want to take your case , unfortunately we have absolutely no control over this. Once our R2500 service payment is received , we will put your information together and submit your package to the doctor. If the doctor chooses not to accept your case , we can try for another doctor if you'd like but we will not provide any refunds once the footwork is started. Due to extremely excessive date changes , we will now only include two (2) date changes with the R2500 fee , if you need to change your date a third (3) time you will be required to pay an additional fee of R500 each time .We understand that emergencies occur but the doctors are getting upset because they feel that patients are not taking surgery serious enough . We also have to reschedule recovery home stays , nursing services , massages , transportation ,etc and this is extremely time consuming . So a R500 fee will apply to each date change . Included in our consulting package will be a maximum of (3) three quotes .


Amara Osei (Pty) ltd


Account number: 62581571273

*please be sure to use your name as a reference

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