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Thank you so much for booking SugaShoc Photography for your Boudoir Session. We hope this will be an experience you will forever cherish.

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For your consultation call, please look up some images that you are drawn to for your session. Any screenshots taken from my websiteblogInstagram or Facebook will work. Pinterest is also a great resource. It doesn't have to be my images either. If you see something you love, screenshot it and send it to me! I would love to help you create the session of your dreams!

  • Please bring a robe as I will have you change into it when you get here to minimize lines on your body from your clothes and underwear.
  • Please bring flip flops or slippers for your feet as socks or shoes tend to leave marks on your feet and ankles.

When you arrive, we will take a look at all the things you have brought and I will then design the session according to your style. At this time, you can share with me your comfort level and show me which outfits you definitely want to be photographed in and which ones are optional. We will work through each outfit by order of importance.

PHOTO: To help us plan your session better, please email us recent phone snapshots of yourself.

INSPIRATION: To help better execute your desired style in a timely manner, please have photos/ideas of makeup & hairstyles desired (choose images of models with similar hair, eye coloring and skin tone as you)

ALLERGIES: Please notify me as soon as possible if you have any allergies or product sensitivities.

FACE: Please come with your face makeup free. Please do not apply any kind of sunscreen on your face.

HAIR: Your hair must be clean and completely dry. It is best to wash your hair the day before your boudoir session.

NAILS: Please have your fingernails and toenails manicured in either a french tip style or a classic color. Please try and stick with tones in nudes, pinks, or reds. Whichever you feel suits your style the best.

WAXING/SHAVING: If you will be waxing or shaving, please do so at least 24-48 hours before your session so as to avoid any red marks or irritation.

SPRAY TAN: I do not recommend a spray tan as most spray tan places leave you with orange hands or feet and I cannot Photoshop out orange skin, so please consider that when booking a spray tan. If you are looking to do a spray tan to minimize tan lines, please book with Bella Sorrel before your session. Let them know when your session is and they can advise you when to book. I only recommend using them because they do it by hand, and the results are more natural.

OUTFITS: Please bring any of the following pieces of clothing to your session:

  • Your favorite lingerie pieces such as lace bra and underwear sets, bustier, teddy, slip, or romper.
  • High waisted lace underwear and anything that hugs your figure is always a hit.
  • Beware of satin or shiny finishes, and bright neon colors as lingerie with those materials and colors do not look good in camera. I do love black, but I do love color too! Blues, greens, pinks, etc. Anything that complements your skin tone will look fabulous
  • Thigh high stockings - I prefer the ones with lace at the top. If you are wearing a garter belt, please bring in thigh highs that do NOT have the silicone stay ups as they are more difficult to clip.

BRIDAL BOUDOIR: If you'd like to bring your veil, garter or wedding dress to incorporate in your session, please do. I would love to capture these special images for you.

  • Matching lacy bras and underwear (lacy boy shorts, lacy thongs, high waisted lace underwear) If you don't have sets that match, we may be going braless or commando! LOL!
  • Nude bra and underwear or thongs (seamless if possible, to wear underneath studio wardrobe if desired)
  • Plain white, black, navy, grey tank tops if you have them.
  • Favorite pair of jeans.
  • Low cut bodysuits.
  • Lace bodysuits.
  • Favorite Leather jacket.
  • Loose T-shirts, sweatshirts, or sweaters, so you can drop one side down to reveal a shoulder.
  • Kimonos to wear with your bra & underwear sets.
  • Your favorite dresses, shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, etc.
  • I don't usually use heels but if you'd like to bring them, they can be fun to incorporate!

Immediately following your session, please allow about an hour for your ordering session. You will be able to view your images and purchase the digitals and products of your dreams!

Please bring either cash, check, Venmo, or a credit card to your session.

Take a peek at my Boudoir FAQ on my website and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Check out some of the albums I have designed for my previous clients for some inspiration:

Take a look at my boudoir Pinterest board for lingerie and posing inspiration.

Studio Parking Lot Directions

My studio is in the Doylestown Borough. Parking is limited. We do have a private parking but it is directly behind the building. To get to the parking lot, please access directions to it via the Google Maps link by clicking on the box below:

My studio is on the second floor and it is a large blue building. The link above will take you to 150 N. Church St. Picture of the driveway is attached.

Entrance to the parking lot behind the studio building

It will take you down a tiny road with houses on the right side, and a red brick building on the left. Drive down and you will see the large gravel parking lot on your left, behind a blue building.

Walk up the walkway and around the building and come up the stairs of the white patio. The studio is on the second floor.

If you'd like to stay after the session to view and order your favorite photos, please bring either cash, check, or credit card (no amex please). I also accept Venmo. If you can't stay after the session, we can always make another appointment for you to come back and purchase your favorites.

My hair and makeup team and I both look forward to meeting you! Please do let us know if you have any further questions.

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