Articles of Confederation Adopted (November 15th 1777) Nicole reYNOLDS

1754 marks the start of the French and Indian war, a war that put Great Britain in debt. This war, named the Seven Years War, was the French and Indians against the British. This war was part of the foundation of the American Revolution. Many things were affected by this war and they lead to things like the Boston Tea Party and the Stamp Act.

December 16th 1773, the day of the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was caused by the results of the French and Indian War. Great Britain needed a way to pay off the debts from the French and Indian War. The best solution they could think of was taxing the colonies. This infuriated the colonies leading to the saying "Taxation without Representation." Due to the extensive amounts of taxes added to items like tea, the colonies decided to protest by sneaking onto the tea ships and throwing the tea overboard into the Boston Harbor before they were forced to pay taxes on it.

Today, November 15th 1777, will mark an important time in history. It is the day that the Articles of Confederation, first written by Benjamin Franklin and then the 4th edition by John Dickinson, will officially be adopted. Many questions will build from the adoption of these articles. How effective will this adoption be? I predict that changes will need to be made as the colonies continue to grow. What changes will need to be made and will it affect all citizens? I believe that a centralized government will be necessary. What will need to happen before the citizens determine that a centralized government is necessary? Although many of the states prefer their own laws, I predict that bigger issues like war and peace will incite the need for a centralized government. There may not be an answer to these right this second but as time goes on we will decide the answers for ourselves.

Charles Willson Peale [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

(Picture of John Dickinson above)

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