Sustaining SMS

What is one of the biggest problems in the entire world?? Global warming, global warming is by far one of the biggest problems in the world along with world hunger, war, poverty, ect. Although we cannot comepletly make things like world hunger, war, and poverty completely disappear or help prevent them in our everyday life we can help make an impact on global warming.

Studies show that for every 15 minutes sitting in your car going nowhere you are wasting about a quarter of a gallon of gas. Now lets do some math (and you thought you would never have to do math again) if parents wait for their kids to get out of school for say 5 minutes (with their car running) every day 5 days a week, then the parents/running cars would be wasting 0.41 gallons of gas per week!! This is just a rough estimate but if parents do this every single day for a whole school year (180 days) that is 73.8 gallons of gas and that is just one car picking a student up for school, what about dropping off in the morning and the 75-100 other students being dropped off or picked up!! This is just one school think about all the other schools in America, in the world.

Then if you take the total from the cars and add in the total amount of gas that buses use while waiting to pick students up or drop them off is HUGE!!! I am not entirely positive how much gas buses waste while in park but I imagine it is bigger than cars because most cars are quiet smaller than buses.

What I am purposing about making South middle school than it already is, is that we make a policy or a rule that if a vehicle in the South parking lot is on and is using gas while in park for more than say one minute they have to turn their engine off. If we establish this policy we could make a small, but still an impact on global warming and saving fossil fuels.

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