Scholars Academy Midterm Review

There are eight weeks remaining in the spring 2019 semester. Scholars Academy participants continue to progress through their freshmen year at Middle Tennessee State University. Midterm exams have been completed and students may see their posted midterm grades in Pipeline. Scholars are encouraged to meet with Scholars Academy staff members if they have 2 or more grades of C or below, need to discuss their major selection, or would like assistance preparing them for advising appointments. While Scholars are taking care of business in the classroom, there are several opportunities for them to continue to be involved in campus activities. Three major events below highlight the Scholars Academy campus involvement.

Mentoring Opportunities: March 11th & 12th

As you know, Scholars Academy is a major supporter of mentoring. Peer mentor applications for summer 2019 were accepted through Friday, March 8th. Sixty-four students applied for the position. Attending the events below will help students and future mentors prepare for their interviews. We encourage all Scholars to attend the mentoring events on March 11th and/or March 12th.

Importance of Mentoring Meet & Greet and Round Table Discussion

On March 12th, Dr. Donna Dean and Ms. Cindy Simpson will conduct TWO workshops on best practices in mentoring for undergraduate and graduate student leaders. Faculty, staff, and community members are also invited to attend. The mentoring workshop will encourage all to learn strategies for successful mentoring and networking for today and for one’s career. Dr. Dean is the Executive Consultant to the Association for Women in Science and Career Consultant for the American Chemical Society and Ms. Simpson is the Chief Business Development Office for the Association for Women in Science.

Advising Season is Here!

Priority registration starts the beginning of April. It is important for you to schedule your advising appointment now. Please check your Pipeline account for holds. All freshmen and probation students will have a hold preventing them from registration. See your advisor to have advising holds removed prior to your assigned registration time. If you are interested in changing your major, it is best to meet with the advisor of the major you would like to change to. If you are not sure what you would like to change your major to, schedule an appointment with Scholars Academy Manager, Brelinda Johnson. She will assist you in narrowing your options. You may schedule an appointment with Scholars Academy staff just like you schedule with your advisor.

Advising holds are set. Schedule your advising appointment NOW!

Scholars Academy Student organization

Mr. Marvin Spencer (above) facilitating the February Scholars Academy Student Organization meeting. Scholars Academy student organization members patiently waiting for the meeting to begin (right).

The next Scholars Academy Student Organization meeting is Wednesday, March 13th at 4:15 pm. Make sure you are in attendance to hear about our upcoming campus and community events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mid-Term Motivation

It is time to turn up your effort level. The next few weeks will make or break your spring 2019 semester. It is so important that you correct any errors that you made the first half of the semester. Speak with your instructors, attend tutoring, effectively study, and most of all do the work!! Because you are a Scholar, we expect you to excel! We look forward to you achieving grades of A and B in all your classes at the end of the semester.

Scholars Academy Peer Mentor Projected to Make History

Makayla Elliott's projected graduation date is May 2019. She will be the first African-American female to graduate Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Mechatronic Engineering, Engineering Technology. As Makayla continues to push toward the finish line she can attest to the power of determination and resilience she developed early on in her academic career to compete in a male dominated industry. Makayla has already accepted a position with a major chip and soda company in the region. Way to go Makayla!

Above, Makayla Elliott accepted the Most Valuable Coach/Mentor award at the Scholars Academy closing ceremony.

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