The Iroquois Theater Fire By: Emma Grunwald

The Iroquois Theater Fire was the deadliest fire in history. Only 37 days after the opening of the theater, there was a dangerous and impacting fire. As a result, the fire left 602 dead and 250 injured. There were 300 cast members that had died. The cause of the fire was "an asbestos fire curtain was dropped on the stage, but was snagged on the way down and stopped 10 feet above the stage, which allowed toxic smoke and flames into the auditorium"(

December 30, 1903 was the date that made history. There many dates about The Iroquois Theater are important. Such as, November 23, 1903- the opening of the theater and the first show. December 30, 1903-the deadliest fire in history. January 1, 1904-19 theaters close. January 26, 1904-jury orders and trials. February 20, 1904-grand juror. June 8, 1904-new standards. September 20, 1904-new building standards. Lastly, December 30, 1904- memorial service.

The National Fire Protection made sure that they could prevent, contain, and control the fire. There were new codes made by the NFPA, ICC, and UL.

As you can see, The Iroquois Theater Fire had a big impact on lives and in history. There were many families that were affected by the loss of family and friends. In conclusion, the Iroquois Theater Fire was the most deadliest and impacting fire in history.

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