Best Friends Forever By: Ashley diamond

There are two raindrops one was named Lilly and the other was named Paris.

"Good morning Paris," Lilly exclaimed to her best friend, "What do you want to eat, clouds?"

"Stop saying that you make that joke everyday," Paris yawned.

Paris didn't like Lilly's jokes, sometimes she would even try to go to the lake but there would be no slide.
She wanted to go so bad. Then one day they packed thier bags and the slide was there.

"We should live in the same neighborhood but not the same house, and we can visit each other!" Lilly exclaimed.

"That is a good idea Lilly!" Paris agreedy

They were about to perspire.
"Lilly the slide!" Paris yelled

"I'm coming! I'm coming you're like a dog that wants to go on a walk. Sheesh," Lilly sarcastically yelled.

"I'm going down see ya! Weeeeeee!" Paris screamed as she went down.

"I'm coming too!" Lilly also screamed.

"Weeeee!" They shouted. SPLASHH they were in the water.

"Well I guess we're on our own now, bye!" Lilly rushed.

"Good bye see ya tomorrow it's getting dark, really dark," Paris exclaimed.

In their sleep they got infiltrated into the ground water.

"Lilly? Hello? Are you playing a trick on me, because if you are come out now!" Paris shouted but nothing.

They got swept in to different sides of the ground water and got separated, they never been separated.

"Paris! Where are you?!"Lilly yelled but still nothing.

Lilly ended up in the Cowlitz River and Paris ended up in the Columbia River.
There is Paris in the Columbia River.
Then there is Lilly in the very dangerous Cowlitz River.

"I'm evaporating! That means I might be with Lilly again!" Paris yelled in happiness.

"Help I'm afraid of heights!" Lilly frantically screamed.

Then there were the clouds.

"I'm condensing. This is so cool!" Lilly shouted

"Lilly!" Paris shouted as she saw Lilly.

"Paris!" Lilly replied, "Let's never do that again,"

"Lilly we kinda have to its the water cycle silly," Paris explained to her.

"Oh, ok!" Lilly exclaimed.

They lived happier then ever until the cycle started all over again. The End.

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