All About Mr. Marsh By: Erin Kirner

Mr, Marsh teaches at St. Patrick Catholic School and he teaches Religion 8, Algebra 1, Social Studies 6, 7, 8.

Mr. Marsh's typical day starts by coming in at 8 am. He starts by writing the procedures on the board , the homework, and any other special announcements on the board. Students arrive at 8:15 am and class starts at 8:30 am. Throughout the day, Mr. Marsh has two planning periods that he uses to grade and plan for the other five periods in the day. The other portion of his day he spends helping students one-on-one during study hall.

Major tasks of Mr. Marsh's job: Planning, which involves a large amount of creating assignments, then grading students' work.

Mr. Marsh works with the two other junior high teachers in the building. He works with them to collaborate as often as possible. The teachers work together to address concerns that they have about various students and they work to decide what will work best for that students across the board.

Since Mr. Marsh teaches at a catholic school, he has to adhere to a combination of state policies, policies set by the individual school, and policies set by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Mr. Marsh holds a bachelors degree in middle childhood education with concentrations in math, science and social studies and a masters in teacher as leader with a concentration in educational leadership with a focus in Catholic schools.

To him, patience, flexibility and organization are important skills needed to be successful in his position. One interpersonal skill that Mr. Marsh finds important is the ability to have a conversation with someone.

Mr. Marsh has been teaching for 5 years and has a few things that he wishes he knew before starting. He would have liked to know how to get the class rolling and started from scratch and also training in how to help a student through traumatic situations. As a teacher Mr. Marsh has had students come to him with important problems in their lives and while he has dealt with them the best he could, he wishes that he would've had training to help those students.

He obtained his license while he was working on his undergrad. Mr. Marsh took, and has to pass, a few standardized tests. He also had to send the state money so that he could get his license.

His greatest satisfaction as a teacher is when he is working with a student that struggles and the student finally understands.

Mr. Marsh would want to teach the same class more than once a day if he was able to change one thing about his job. But that is just a trade off with working in a Catholic school.


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