Etiquette in the Victorian Era By: David Perry

In the Victorian Era you had to use certain feet to get into the carriage a certain way. Also, if you were a lady/woman you were not allowed to walk alone, and your boyfriend couldn't even hold your hand in public.
In the Victorian Era you if someone walked into a room you had to stand, no matter what otherwise you were rude. Also, something else in the room was happening, and you turned your back on the person you were talking to without excusing yourself first no matter it was you were doing, you were the rudest person.
The Victorian Era treated woman as unequal and much less than a man. If you were a woman your only purpose was to get married and if you didn't (just like in Mulan) you brought shame to your family. The way you got married though was by perfect etiquette, that was one of the biggest things, and also why it was so difficult for a lower class family to marry into an upper class.
Created By
David Perry


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