My local governments project By:Matthew Xiong

In my town Angelica, it is a small town but we still have a few problems here and there. Our main issues at the moment is Potholes, bad roads, and unknown buildings that people don want to pay for.

Picture of cracked roads

My local government is handling this by paying for the potholes to be repaired so the streets wont be so bad when people drive during the snow or when its raining. They are also trying to fix the old buildings and take them down but at the moment a lot of people do not want to take ownership of it so the government cant shut it down.

I agree with what they are doing, because they want to help make the little town better but i do not like the way they are making people that don want to take ownership of their parents old building and have to pay so much to take it down. I think the government should work with the people so they understand why they have to pay so much for it instead of just forcing us to pay.

A photo of the small Angelica Town
Map of Angelica.

The town hall for Angelica is located at N3285 County Road C.

Where i got my facts.


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