Learning Journal Digital Video lacey hale

Assignment: Introduction Video

I enjoyed the simplicity of this video. It allowed me (us) to create a raw video that served a useful purpose, while not imposing technicalities and special guidelines upon us. Loved meeting all of you.

Assignment: Color Video (Green)

I liked this assignment because it let me ease into Premiere Pro (which can be a little intimidating). I learned some things I didn't already know. I tried to experiment with some of the tools in Premiere and I added music and transitions. I also enjoyed seeing some of the videos that my peers created. I got a few ideas from them, as well.

Assignment: Theme Montage

This was a fun video because of all the cool themes that were an option. I love the hi-res video clips on Pexels. I chose the theme of "hands" because people use their hands so much in the course of one day. I added a few simple effects such as the lightning bolt, a gaussian blur, and speed effects to get my clips to reach 20 seconds. (Actually 21). I added some free music from Free Music Archive and the result was pretty good.

Assignment: Knock Knock Shot Reverse Shot

This was a fun project. I enjoyed trimming my shots and matching them up. I feel like a couple of shots were held too long, but when I went back and cut off more on a few clips, it didn't look better, so I reverted to what I had. Fun project.

Assignment: Match Cut / Matching Action

I had fun with this assignment because I decided to use original footage (which means that family members have to be my actors--haha). There were a few spots that were not exactly matched up, but I was pleased overall with the outcome. I had to cut the ending short because my reflection was in the window. See if you can tell.

Assignment: Screen Capture for Learning

Well, I had a little trouble with this one...for a couple of reasons. One--I don't have a good speaking voice. Two--it was difficult to find something to teach in under a minute (as you can see, I went over the time limit--oops.). Lastly, I had some audio issues with my microphones, so I had to do some trouble-shooting which added additional time to the project. Anyway, I completed it, and I left my little screw-up at the end. I thought it gave the video a little character. (yeah, right. lol)

Assignment: Final Reflection

This video course kind of brought me back to the video production world where I have not been in about 6 years. I used to teach video technology for about 10 years, but then moved into more Photoshop, Animation, and Game Design. This course made me love video all over again. I was initially intimidated by Premiere Pro, but after watching the tutorials and the live class, I got the hang of it and even jumped in to try some new things. I loved seeing all my classmates' videos, most of all, because that's where I really learn some interesting and new techniques. I also love the comments and critiques from classmates. There's always something I didn't catch or should've tried. As always, another great experience with AEE. I look forward to my upcoming course--Adobe Train the Trainer.

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