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Destiny's Child was formed in 1990 with 2 friends and then they added a third person to the group. Later on in their career as a trio, they decided to part and become soloists. This rebranding of their individual selves was a success because everyone knew these breakout solo artists as a successful group in Destiny's Child. Kelly Rowland and Beyonce both became very successful and influential in music as separate artists.
Britney Spears started off in the late 90's with one of her biggest hits "Baby One More Time". She was young at the time so her videos were less sexual and more of a school girl type of story, especially with "Baby One More Time" which was filmed in a high school. Britney then endorsed Pepsi and this turned her innocent side into more of a sinful Britney as the famous Britney Pepsi poster is sexually appealing to the eye. Throughout her years, she lost herself and went kind of crazy by smashing in car windows and shaving her head. She then laid low for a little while and when she started coming out with new music again, she had a lot more features and her videos became way more sexual. Also with her music, Britney was able to change her 90's pop sound to a more club like sound to continue to appeal to her audience who have also grown with her music.
Josh Groan started out very reserved and when he started, people didn't really know who he was. As he started doing some gigs he got noticed and with that he enhanced his brand so he would reach more people. Josh then started doing concerts and he now has fan clubs.
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