Hydropower By Maya,Abby, and Francesca

Water is a chemical compound, made of hydrogen and oxegyn.

At normal temperature and pressure the water is colorless, clear and odorless liquid.It is found in three different forms: Solid-Ice and Snow, liquid-water, gas-water vapor.

What is Hydropower?

Hydropower is renewable energy. It is renewed through the water cycle.

Potential Energy In the Water

In the Earth's field of gravity water always has potential energy, that can be converted into different forms of energy such as : Kinetic or pressure energy.

Kinetic Energy In the Water

The kinetic energy of water is driven by the speed of the water flow.

The History of Water

Water can be used fror many thing such as: feeding plants,bathing,drinking.and also a home for the fish we catch and eat.

People have been using water as well as its energy for long time now.

The earliest sources with water powered machinery comes from the ancient greeks and date back to aproximently 4000 BC. In those times people used water energy for grinding greeen and supplying water to the irrigation canals.

The Benefits of Hydropower Includes:

  • It is considered to be a green source of energy. It doesn't pollute itself . Only the construction of power plants can be potential sources of pollution.
  • It only requires moving water in order to work
  • It is a domestic source of energy meaning it is private source of energy
  • Obviously viuosly a renewable resource
  • It is reliable as long as there is water and electricity that can be generated
  • It is SAFE! Compared to necluer energy, hydropower is much safer system!!!

The Drawbacks of Hydropower Includes:

  • There are numerous environmental consequences of flooding and entire area, changing the water flow, and blocking the natural of rivers.
  • There are only a limited number of places where these power plants can be built
  • Lack of water is a serious impact on how much hydropower that can be produced

Where is Hydropower Mostly Used?

Hydropower is the most important and widely used renewable source of energy.It is produced from China being its largest producer, followed by Canada, Brazil, and in fourth the United States.


  • The oldest Hydroelectric plant is Cragside in Rothbury, England
  • The largest hydroelectric plant is La Grande in Quebec, Canada
  • Site in the U.S is Grand Coulee in Washington which has 33 generators
  • Worldwide hydroelectric power generates enough electricity to meet the needs of 28.3 million people

Why will Hydropower be Useful in the Future?

We think Hydropower will be way more helpful not because it is going to improve much, but that it will be useful to many more humans, animal, and plants. Also, there has been many drawbacks that we could fix or prevent from happening like all the floods that are destroying animals home and even our homes.Hydropower is right now the most important renewable energy in the world.



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