Sidoarjo Mud Flow Lexie & mallory

The sidoarjo mud flow was a devastating and scary time in Indonesia. It spewed out about 26 million gallons of boiling, sludgy mud per day which is equivalent to 10 Olympic size pools. It occurred in a small, very poor town called Surabaya in East Java. It started its eruption in May 29th 2006 and by September the same year, it completely destroyed and covered everything.


Humans, over any other animal or plant that was affected the humans got it the worst. Their homes, work, and lifestyles were destroyed in this disaster. Pemphis Acidula Bonsai Tree, a highly valued tree in sidoarjo due to the high percentage of oxygen it provides, along with the shelter and food for caterpillars and other insects. These trees were all weakened or died due to the mud flow crisis. Also, the Pemphis Acidula Bonsai Tree, a high valued tree in sidoarjo, due to the high percentage of oxygen it provides, along with the shelter and food for caterpillars and other insects. These trees were all weakened or died due to the mud flow.

Almost everything was destroyed and covered in hot mud about 40 meters deep. It included houses, schools, fish ponds, and factories.

The mud covered an area twice the size of central park (Kaushik). The hole continued to spew mud for about 25-30 years, but they may never know when it'll be over for good because it's still ongoing. The mud volcano, as the years went on started collapsing under its own weight. There is really no homes or work there anymore, but there are several tourist from around the world that come to see the sidoarjo mud flow.

After, the damages of the town, houses and the 12 villages that it destroyed, it ended up coming out to be around $3.8 billion. In 2008 a financial crisis occurred because that's when the money and pay began to slow down.


  • By around February 2010 researchers from Britain's Durham University said that it was caused by human error. They think this, because before the mud volcano, drillers that worked in an Oil Company were looking for gas and they overestimated the pressure the well could hold and didn't have anything around it. Then, after failing to find any gas, they took the drill out while the hole was very unstable. But when they took out the drill, they exposed the hole. The result was a volcano flow of mud.
  • Other people think that the cause was triggered by an earthquake 2 days before.
This is a remaking of the damage of the Sidoarjo mud flow to show how deep the mud actually was.


Although this disaster has died down it has yet to officially stop. From 2006 to 2016 there is still mud spewing out of the crater and ruining their habitats and forcing over 36,000 people to find homes elsewhere. But they're many things that they did to help it slow down or to stop completely.

  • In December of 2014, the new president loaned them 45.5 million to recover some damages. Other people contributed by donating money to help with the damages and help clean up the town that was harmed by the Sidoarjo mud flow.
  • People went to help people find homes and help with cost of buying all new things. They are also helping with kids and family that are in need.
  • They plugged the hole with huge slabs of concrete and concrete balls to stop the flow and they also got big trucks to hall away some mud.
  • Also, as time went on the amount of mud slowed down from 26 gallons to 7-15 gallons which helped a lot, but it still didn't stop completely.



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