TRIO-SSS Achieve Success with TRIO-SSS

TRiO-SSS is funded 100% by the Department of Education Federal TRIO Programs. We support students who are highly motivated to complete their academic programs. Qualifying students include TRiO-SSS students who are motivated and diverse achievers.

We are committed to providing excellent academic advising and access to financial literacy education, peer-mentoring, college tours, cultural events, and skill development workshops to empower TRiO-SSS participants to thrive in higher education. We help our students become college and career ready through the following practices:

Individualized Academic Advising. Each TRiO-SSS advisor has a small student caseload. Our goal is to meet with you regularly throughout the semester so that we can build a supportive relationship. We do this by spending time with you to explore your academic and career goals, and to further understand your experiences, challenges and supports.

Assistance Applying for Scholarships. We award $20,000 in TRiO-SSS Grant Aid each academic year. We also help students apply for numerous local and regional scholarships that are provided by our larger TRIO organizations and partners. Scholarship resumes and essays are important! We can help you submit a strong application so that you can meet your financial needs to succeed!

Campus Visits to 4-Year Universities. We will explore your transfer options and cover all expenses for campus visits. We will guide you through the process as you prepare to transfer by connecting you to the appropriate advisors and resources at the school of your choice. UNM-Taos is just the first step, keep going!!

Financial Literacy, Skill Development & Career Readiness. We engage participants in a student centered environment to assist in the learning of strategies to navigate college more skillfully and reach degree completion.

In 2019 and 2020, TRIO-SSS students; Caleb Adams, Jennifer Longo and Amy Pecis achieved state and national academic recognition within STEM fields.

Amy joined the Phi Theta Kappa All-State Academic Team in 2019. Here she is with UNM-Taos Chancellor, Dr. Valdez getting recognized for her scholarship.
A TRIO-SSS student at UNM-Taos, Jennifer was one of only 20 students named to the Phi Theta Kappa All-USA Academic Team, an honor recognizing outstanding intellectual achievement, leadership, and community engagement among students attending associate degree-granting institutions. She was also the sole awardee from New Mexico of the 2019 New Century Transfer Pathway Scholar award, similarly recognizing academic accomplishments and leadership activities. Longo has since acquired a full-time position at LANL.

Do you Qualify for TRIO SSS?

Students must meet at least 1 of the following qualifying criteria; • First generation college student, (Neither parent graduated from college or university with a Bachelor’s degree.) • Meet low-income guidelines set by Dept. of Ed. • Documented disability and registered with UNM-Taos Accessibility Resource Center. They must also meet ALL of the following program eligibility requirements : • Enrolled in a Certificate or Associate program. • U.S. citizens or permanent residents and do NOT already have a Bachelors Degree or higher.

Our TRIO-SSS students enjoyed an evening of bowling at local Gutters Bowling. We ate, had fun and built a sense of community!
Spring 2020 TRIO Day! UNM-Taos TRIO-SSS students met other TRIO students from across the state. We learned about other TRIO programs, met state leaders at the capitol in Santa Fe and built a sense of purpose within the TRIO New Mexico family! Learn how TRIO-SSS can help you achieve success like thousands of other students before you!
In Summer of 2021 TRIO SSS students had a unique opportunity to go white-water rafting with Big River Rafting in Pilar, New Mexico! We got to know one another, learned about the geology and history of the Rio Grande, had a yummy steak lunch and went down the rapids of the Rio Grande Racecourse! Join us next time!


Meet our 2019-2020 Peer Mentors and Mentees!

TRIO-SSS serves diverse students from all backgrounds. Our students come to college with wealth of knowledge and skills that provide mutual academic empowerment. This is why the Peer-Mentoring program is so important for improving academic success, campus belonging and social emotional development. You are not alone in your college journey!

Incoming TRIO-SSS students are matched with 2nd year high-achieving TRIO students who are eager to support the social and academic development of their mentees. Weekly mentoring sessions focus on various learning outcomes like career exploration, study strategies, goal setting and social skills to help mentees find purpose and meaning in their education and learn how to navigate college responsibilities and resources. Mentoring increases academic success, campus engagement and student leadership skills!

Mentoring Testimonial

"The TRIO-SSS Program has benefited me immensely during my 2 years at UNM-Taos. Last year, as a mentee, I enjoyed having the guidance of a mentor in navigating all my newfound challenges as a college freshman. Now, as a mentor, I am able to share my knowledge and understanding of college life with my own mentees. What I have learned from my year of being in a mentor position with TRIO-SSS is that there is no one-way learning system in this program. Both the mentee and mentor learn from each other and support each other, with the mentor giving more guidance and the mentee offering more enthusiasm. I would highly recommend any student looking to improve their academic performance and increase their campus involvement to join TRIO-SSS, a recommendation made from my genuine, personal experiences as both as a mentee and mentor for this program."

Julia Shang, A.A. in Liberal Arts; Student Government Association President 2018-2020

TRIO Staff and Contact Information

Ariana Delmerico, TRIO SSS Sr. Academic Advisor, aldelmerico@unm.edu

Alexis Laube-Manigault, Student Success Splst, Sr/ Peer-Mentoring Coordinator: alaube85@unm.edu, Google Voice: 575-224-6968 (text OK)