This is Me Scroll Down to Learn more about me.

This Football season I was the second receiving yards wide receiver. To see my stats click below.
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This is my Father
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Some facts about me.

  1. My Age: 17
  2. Ethnicity: Hispanic/White
  3. I go to San Tan Foothills High School
  4. I play Football, Basketball, then Golf and I work out on my own time.
  5. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT @saber.kitty, INSTAGRAM @saber.kitty15 AND TWITTER @saber_kitty04!
I also air soft on my own time!
This is my build ! Love building computers!!!

Something that has a great impact on my life is my writing. Writing is hands down my favorite subject in school and I love writing about my personal encounters and other people's. I've written a couple of papers and books that I hope to get published soon here is a couple essay I wrote in school.

I've made a couple of games too here is one tower defense game I've made.

Patriots are the Turrets and The Falcons are the Enemies with is impossible to get to the other side.
My Best Friends Mikey and Tristan <3

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